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Hot Shots: Here Are Some Of The Best Instagram Follows In The Premier League

From Cristiano Ronaldo's glamour shots to Kevin de Bruyne having fun with his kids, Premier League players know how to leave their mark on social media.

By Andrew Woodin
Epl Mo Cristiano Split

From rock stars to guys who talk about stars – looking at you Neil deGrasse Tyson – social media’s a weird and wonderful thirst trap where just about anyone can find some inspiration, even if it’s just passing the time. In the wrong hands, basement-dwelling trolls strive for fame by picking fights with everyone from the digital plebe to the easily antagonized NBA superstar Kevin Durant. But when wielded for good, social media’s that cozy milieu between pumpkin spice bundt cakes and cats in hats (both if you’re lucky). Somewhere along that spectrum falls some of the top Instagram accounts from players in the Premier League.      

Cristiano Ronaldo – 477M followers

Ever wanted to know what the abs of a legendary footballer worth a billion dollars looks like? Well, look no further than Cristiano Ronaldo's Instagram page. You don’t reach nearly half a billion followers without flashing some flesh. While the Portuguese superstar clearly fancies his fit form shirtless, sprinkled throughout the vanity wasteland are a couple absolute gems, including one where CR7 stars as a dystopian space bounty hunter in a video game called Free Fire. If you can wade through his version of Zoolander’s Blue Steel, it’s worth the journey.

Mo Salah – 52.6M

The Egyptian King of the Pitch is proving he’s royalty of Instagram as well. With his infectious smile radiating through, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, the reigning Golden Boot co-winner, enjoys everything from deep-sea fishing to geeking out over meeting none other than the Mother of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke. In addition to racking up goals, he’s also been crowned with a number of other achievements such as Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2019. If you’re kicking it with Michelle Obama, Dwayne Johnson and Pope Francis, that’s a pretty baller list to be a member of.  

Kevin de Bruyne – 18.7M

The Belgian pitch commander might come across in games to the occasional viewer as cold, calculated and ruthless, but the midfielder is all smiles when it comes to hanging with his fam. Footy might seem like everything to the baby-faced field assassin, but from the looks of those epic birthdays and family beach trips, family’s where his heart truly lies. Besides, what’s more awesome than Man City’s star dressing up like The Grinch and scaring the bejesus out of his kids, laughing hysterically as he does so?

Erling Haaland – 17.8M

The Premier League’s Viking-in-residence does everything big, so why not his persona on the Gram? Man City’s new man-child Erling Haaland is a ferocious beast on the field, igniting crowds wherever he plays. His Instagram account is no different. He loves to shine it on in his snaps – him rocking some slick leopard print pajamas make that pretty clear – and by the sheer amount of peace signs he’s chucking alone, he’s loving every minute of what being a marquee player in the Premier League brings.  

Raheem Sterling – 9.7M

Raheem Sterling is Chelsea’s new sensation, but when it comes to Instagram, he’s a man on multiple missions. Sterling has brilliantly used the platform in the past to champion causes that are important to him such as the MyStoryMatters program, which he says on his page “…aims to celebrate Black achievements in sport, music and culture, in addition to providing economic resources to help support Black communities.” Standing up for what you believe in is important, and Sterling embodies that 100 percent. 

Jack Grealish – 5.2M

Grealish is a player that seems to really enjoy playing the guys on his squad, and nothing supports that more than the buddy-buddy photos of him locked in arms with his mates. From hanging with young fans to the pics of him with stars like Ed Sheeran, Grealish comes across as that normal, yet cool down-to-earth dude you just want to bro out with over a pint. 

Allan Saint-Maximin – 819K

The Frenchman is a stud on the pitch, seamlessly combining his lightning-fast speed with highly agile footwork. Since joining Newcastle in 2019, he’s scored 12 times while adding 18 assists over the course of 96 games. While he’s a viable asset for the Magpies, his larger-than-life, vibrant personality steals the show. Just give his IG page a peek. One scroll through some quick vids of the forward breakdancing and moonwalking on a yacht, and you’ll be hooked.

Which Premier League footballers make your list of best Instagram follows?

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