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Watch: Mike & Maryse's Morning Is Ruined By A Surprise Guest In 'Miz & Mrs' Two-Part Premiere

And just when The Miz's chances were starting to look up, too.

By Caitlin Busch
Miz and his wife standing in their backyard on a sunny day

With two toddler-age daughters in the house, WWE Superstars and mom and dad extraordinaire Mike and Maryse Mizanin rarely get a quiet moment to themselves. But in the below clip from Season 3, Episode 2 of USA Network’s “Miz & Mrs,” we see the pair bask in a glorious, sunny morning of solitude with their daughters, Monroe and Madison, sleeping in and Maryse’s mother, Marjolaine, having moved out.

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It’s so quiet that Mike, aka The Miz, explains to his wife that he’d be able to “put her on the table” so they could test out its stability and nobody would interrupt them during some … adult bonding time.

However, as Maryse points out, the pair are “destined to never have a quiet moment” when their peace is interrupted by none other than Mike’s dad, George, who barges in and begins berating his son for leaving one of the girls' scooters in the driveway for him to potentially run over.

Well, Mike points out, that wouldn’t be a problem if his dad were to shoot him a text or give him a call to let them know when he’ll be making an appearance. Now that George has made a ruckus, the girls are waking up on the wrong side of the bed (or the crib, in Madison’s case), and Mike and Maryse’s morning can officially be categorized as “chaotic.”

Things don’t stop there, though. No, things are going to get a whole lot more chaotic at Manor Marmiz because George informs the couple that he’ll be staying at their house for a while. George also adds insult to injury when he puts his son down for participating in “Dancing with the Stars,” which he says Mike will fail out of in the first week. Mike is understandably frustrated and a little hurt by this accusation, but Maryse is downright angry (if looks could kill!).

So, Mike makes a bet with his dad. If he’s kicked off “Dancing with the Stars” in the first round, then George can stay; if not, he has to leave and get a hotel.

Watch the rest of “Miz & Mrs” Season 3 (so far) on to find out what happens next. And catch up on all of "Miz & Mrs" on Peacock.

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