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‘You’re Breaking The Wall, Dude!’: Hania Reacts To Ash and Taylor’s Infamous Pillow Wall

Hania Stocker and the guys sat down to watch Ash Lamiroult's infamous "pillow wall" makeout session with Taylor Patrick.

By Tyler McCarthy

Is it still cheating if an arbitrary set of pillows is between you and the person you’re making out with?

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That was the question on everyone’s mind during the second “Temptation Island After Show” of Season 4. The guys and girls split up to watch the latest episode and unpack the shocking moment when Ash Lamiroult tried to avoid cheating on their boyfriend by building a “pillow wall” between her and single suitor Taylor Patrick.

In the episode, Taylor described a pillow wall as “something that you would do in middle school when you’re staying over with a girl.” In other words, it’s a way for them to sleep together without technically “sharing” the bed. Shocker: The pillows didn’t stop the two of them from making out all night.

When the guys see the clip, Luke Wechselberger is the first to state the obvious: “You’re breaking the wall, dude,” he deadpans.

Meanwhile, Hania can only rub his forehead as he listens to Ash explain that Taylor’s body is “very different” from Hania’s and that they’re relishing every second in bed together.

“Who wants to be the first to have their partner make a move on somebody else?” Hania says. “Anybody? No, nobody wants that.”

While the guys try to comfort Hania, the girls have an entirely different reaction.

“That’s much sweeter than I would have imagined,” Gillian Lieberman tells Ash, who is getting emotional reliving the romance of their night with Taylor.

Although the moment marked the first instance where someone got physical with one of the singles during Season 4, Ash explains it didn’t violate what they agreed upon before going to the island.

“I had told Hania that I’m OK with kissing. I love kissing people, I think it’s a good way of telling if you have chemistry and it can totally mean more,” Ash tells the ladies.

Ash says they understand it must have hurt Hania to see, but insists he seemed OK with kissing other people going into the experience. So, it wasn’t necessarily a relationship-breaking violation in Ash’s eyes.

Will Ash’s connection to Taylor get deeper and pull them away from Hania? Only time will tell.

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