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‘I Didn’t Pick A Bad Guy’: Ash Reacts To Hania Mentioning Marriage

Ash Lamiroult heard boyfriend Hania Stocker talk about marriage for the first time on the "Temptation Island After Show."

By Tyler McCarthy
Ash Looking Sternly Off Camera

Ash Lamiroult once again pulled no punches while discussing their time on “Temptation Island” and the behavior of their boyfriend, Hania Stocker.

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On the latest episode of the “Temptation Island After Show,” the duo watched the moment where he sought relationship advice from Karyna Auletta as he realized his experience on the island had him go from pitching an open relationship to wanting to marry Ash. Despite initially being a source of temptation for Hania, both he and Ash gave Karyna props for her sage wisdom to him.

“I think, in whatever way you can, when you do have that final conversation with her, that you’re expressing that you have been listening,” Karyna tells Hania on the episode. 

"Thank you again, Karyna!” Ash says. 

Hania agrees, telling the guys: “I feel like Karyna is really just … She was the only person who was willing to give me super direct feedback.”

Ash explains that, after seeing Hania misbehave with women a handful of times on the island, it was refreshing to see him getting some quality advice. 

“I was so happy to see a woman holding a man accountable instead of being like, ‘Well, things happen and she really should be able to forgive you and if you really want to change …’ it just felt nice, it felt like she was on our team,” Ash says. 

However, Hania notes it wasn’t all nuggets of wisdom when it came to his interactions with his new friend on the island. 

“The only downside to hanging out with Karyna was that she really wanted me to just think about her,” he says. “Every time I brought up Ash, it was, ‘Ugh, you’re not in the moment, you’re not listening to me.’ Yeah, she can be grounded and down to earth, but at the same time, a couple of times she f***ing stirred me up and got me mad at Ash.” 

As for his turn to pondering marriage while on the show, Hania explains that his experience made him reevaluate his entire philosophy on long-term commitment. 

“Up until this point, I was viewing marriage as the rest of the end of my life, you know what I mean?” he says. “I realized that, no, it’s just a commitment to do all those things with someone. I just came to that realization that like, ‘f***, I want to do that with Ash.” 

Ash admits that it offered them a bit of hope for the future.

“I’m proud of him as a person. I know I didn’t pick a bad guy,” Ash says. 

But did Hania’s realization come too late to save his relationship with Ash? Is marriage even in the cards anymore? Those curious will just have to tune into the rest of “Temptation Island” Season 4 to find out. 

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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