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Seth Rollins & Matt Riddle's Rivalry Gets Personal And Just Plain Nasty Ahead Of Clash At The Castle

"You wanna talk about my family? Let’s talk about yours."

By Ethan Absler

Last night on RAW, the rivalry between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle got extremely personal and the intensity of their feud was turned up to 11. Before the show even went on the air, Riddle and Rollins brawled in the parking lot. The fight was quickly separated, but both Superstars were heated and yelling at each other just outside of the arena. In the video, which you can watch here, you can hear fans cheering in the background as they were treated to an unexpected physical encounter between the two stars.

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Later in the night, the two sat down in different areas of the stadium in an effort to keep the peace during a dual interview about their upcoming match at Clash at the Castle. Riddle wasted little time calling out Rollins, saying that Becky Lynch is clearly the only man in their marraige. He also warned Rollins that he will embarrass him just like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes did.

After, the interview went to commercial and fans assumed Riddle got the last laugh. When RAW came back from commercial though, The Stallion and the Architect were still on screen. Then, a sad looking Rollins crossed the line with one of the most savage WWE moments of all time.

“You wanna talk about my family? Let’s talk about yours. Oh wait, you don’t have a family anymore because your wife divorced you and your kids don’t wanna see your b*tcha** no more.”

Riddle threw his microphone to the floor and started swearing at Rollins. He vowed to “F*** Rollins up,” prompting WWE to apologize for the language that made air. This rivalry was intense already, but the ultra-personal and frankly shocking shot taken here by Seth Rollins was simply uncalled for and brought this feud to a boiling point.

Social media exploded after this exchange with outlets from Barstool Sports to ESPN proclaiming, “WWE is all the way BACK” after the war of words turned extremely sensitive. When the two meet in Wales, it will be the first time they go one-on-one since February.

Tune into Clash At The Castle this Saturday on the WWE Network on Peacock to see Riddle and Rollins settle their differences in the ring!

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