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Watch Chucky Meddle with the Quantum Leap Timeline & Hide a Body at SDCC 2023

Just imagine the kind of trouble Chucky could get up to with a Quantum Tunnel at his disposal.

By Caitlin Busch

What would San Diego Comic-Con be without everyone's friend 'til the end, Chucky? While we last left Chucky once again taking out Devon Sawa in SYFY and USA Network's Chucky, our favorite serial killing doll made time to stop by SDCC 2023 and join in on the "Quantum Leap HQ" activation.

How to Watch

Watch Chucky on the USA app and Peacock.

There, fans of NBC's Quantum Leap were able to hop aboard their own adventure with Ziggy and the QL crew. In the activation, the mainframe that usually helps Dr. Ben Song leap through time was infected with a virus. Upon entering the neon-lit, hazy quantum tunnel, fans were assigned to the bodies of various characters from the TV worlds of Law & Order, The Voice, and Chucky in order to stabilize the timelines and buy the Quantum Leap team enough time to rid Ziggy of the treacherous virus.

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To learn more about Leaping into the bodies of NYPD detectives solving a local journalist's murder and joining The Voice as a contestant looking to impress one of the celeb judges, head on over to NBC Insider.

All the love to Law & Order and The Voice, but we here at SYFY are focused on all things Charles Lee Ray.

After correcting the other shows' timelines, fans were once again pulled back into the Quantum Tunnel and transported to a warehouse in Hackensack, New Jersey. While there, they were confronted with a horde of Chucky dolls climbing the walls, breaking from their box prisons, and generally causing havoc with a smile on their sadistic little faces.

With Chucky's trademark cackle echoing in their ears, the fans were given handheld scanners to try and catalog as many of the boxes as they could in order to account for just how many Chucky dolls they were dealing with. Fans of the Chucky series know just how dangerous an army of Chuckys can be — and if Chucky were to break out of his own timeline? 


But that sneaky little so-and-so was everywhere — and the trail of bloody rags and overturned boxes led to an unpleasant and perfectly on-brand surprise.

Just as it seemed everything was safe, a metal cabinet burst open to reveal Chucky's latest victim: a factory worker with a box shoved over their head.

While fans couldn't save this poor worker, they were able to correct the Chucky timeline and Leap back into the Quantum Tunnel to make it home in time to hear a special video message from Ben.

"You made it back in one piece!" he said. "I've confirmed with Ziggy that the timelines have been realigned and you have leaped back to San Diego Comic-Con 2023. Please remember that your mission — my mission — is to put right what once went wrong. Like the time I leaped back and convinced them to name the show The Voice instead of 'Spinny Chair Sing-Song Show.' Not a good title.

"Anyway. See you soon for Season 2."

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