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Rey Mysterio Opens Up About Fighting His Own Flesh And Blood At WrestleMania

The soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer understandably is conflicted ahead of the big showdown with his son.

By Chris Phelan
Dominik and Rey Mysterio

Just a few days ago, the WWE Universe got what they hoped for with the confirmation of a Rey Mysterio/Dominik Mysterio match at WrestleMania! Although we must admit, as the event got closer, we became increasingly pessimistic the match would even happen. After all, Rey seemed steadfast in his refusal to fight his own flesh and blood on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

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It wasn't until Dominik crossed the line on SmackDown that everything changed.

Note to future angsty children angling for a professional wrestling match against their father, call your mother a deadbeat on live television because that will do the trick!

Emotions are naturally running high in the Mysterio family, especially for Rey. Slated to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame tomorrow, we're hoping that drama between him and his son won't spill over and spoil the special evening (although, knowing Dominik's penchant for spoiling special occasions, it wouldn't be shocking to see him and Rhea Ripley do just that). The WWE Universe is dying to know what's going through Rey's mind ahead of a historic weekend for his entire family. Luckily, our friends at caught up with Rey while he was doing press promoting WrestleMania weekend, and he candidly let the world know what's been going through his head recently. 

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Rey admitted he realizes now it wasn't always easy for Dominik to live in his father's shadow from a very young age. 

"I understood how much pressure was on his back because he was Rey Mysterio's son," he said. "The fact that he's been bold with opportunities, he's taking them, he's ran with them and he's crushed it every single time. As a father, that makes me very proud." 

He's not wrong; Dominik has become a vital cog in The Judgment Day machine, and even the WWE Universe can't deny that his confidence and in-ring skills have improved by leaps and bounds in the past year. 

Growing up in a wrestling family, Rey knows what it's like to have the sport in your blood – and how every once in a while, family members are destined to clash in the ring at some point or another!

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"I had the opportunity to wrestle with my uncle and then against my uncle," he confessed. "My uncle was like my second father, so it was really cool. He kicked my ass, but it was cool because he was the bad guy."

Rey anticipated that wrestling Dominik at WrestleMania would be like "revisiting those moments," which may be the understatement of the century. After all, not many family members fight each other at the beginning event on the WWE calendar.

"How many parents out there fight with their kids?" Rey pointed out to "How many kids fight with their parents, and feel maybe the anger that Dom's feeling toward me?"

While a feeling of anticipation has rushed through the WWE Universe in recent months as fans slowly realized that the beef between the Mysterio men can only be settled with a one-on-one match, now that the match has been announced, that feeling feels like it's been replaced with one of trepidation – or maybe a little bit of uneasiness. Rey admitted feeling bittersweet about facing Dominik at WrestleMania since their memorable run as a tag team years ago meant so much to him.

"Being together and sharing the ring together and accomplishing so many things in a short amount of time with my son was incredible and enjoyable," he confessed. "I wish I had more time to enjoy more of those moments, because it happens so fast — in the blink of an eye."

Whether Rey likes it or not, he will do the unthinkable and meet his son in the ring on WrestleMania Saturday. While it's sad to realize the family feud couldn't be settled any other way, we're still looking forward to discovering what the next chapter of this rivalry will look like. 

As far as his son goes, Rey views their upcoming WrestleMania clash as a sign that his journey as a WWE Superstar may finally end after 30 years of revolutionizing the wrestling industry. 

"I have put in my work and my love for this business," Rey stated. "Maybe it's time for me to enjoy this business from another perspective — just sit back and enjoy watching my son and the next generation coming up."

Unfortunately, if Dominik has his way at WrestleMania, Rey will indeed be sitting back watching the next generation of WWE Superstars – from a hospital bed – soon enough. 

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