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USA Insider Race to Survive: New Zealand

Did Two Top Race to Survive: New Zealand Teams Make a Game-Changing Trade? Watch

Will the camaraderie between Race to Survive teams last as the competition continues?

By Caitlin Busch
Harvest and Cook: Race to Survive: New Zealand Episode 4 Highlight

While Race to Survive: New Zealand pits teams of two against each other as they trek through New Zealand's unforgiving landscape, that hasn't stopped some teams from still working together. Under a few conditions. The latest Race to Survive episode on USA Network saw two of the competition's seemingly strongest teams making a big-time bargain at Survival Camp. But will the alliance hold? 

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In Episode 4, we saw Creighton and Paulina offer up their camping chairs — a rare comfort that'll keep a competitor away from the hard, damp ground — in exchange for Ethan and Tyrie's eel-fishing equipment. And to sweeten the pot, they said they're willing to share any eels they catch.

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"We can haggle, we can negotiate, we can sweeten the pot on either side," Creighton offered as the smoke jumpers ask if they can have a moment to discuss. 

However, Ethan and Tyrie aren't the only competitors on the board with fishing gear to their names, so why did Paulina and Creighton ask them over anyone else? 

Closeup of Tyrie Mann Merrill and Ethan Greenberg in Race To Survive: New Zealand Season 2, Episode 1

"I think Ethan and Tyrie are more willing to make a trade with us being in fourth place and not third place," Creighton explained in an aside. "If we were coming in right on their heels, I wouldn't make that trade with us... I think they'll do it."

Huddled together, Tyrie came up with a plan that the pair then presented to Creighton and Paulina: in exchange for half the jerky Creighton and Paulina currently have, Tyrie and Ethan will go set out the fishing lines overnight, and if they catch one, Creighton and Paulina have to be the ones to harvest and cook the eels before the teams split the meat 50/50.

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Creighton signed the hand-written NDA scribbled on a small notebook that Tyrie and Ethan gave them, and the pairs agreed to the terms on, well, good terms.

"Even if somebody blatantly asks us, 'Hey, did you guys make a deal?' we don't lie about it, we say, 'We cannot discuss it ... we signed an NDA,'" Creighton vowed. But was Creighton able to keep the deal close to the vest? Or did other teams learn of the group's plans?

Find out by watching new episodes of Race to Survive: New Zealand, airing on USA Network on Monday nights at 11 p.m. ET/PT.