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What Was That Red Dot Device Daniel Suárez Used To Train In 'Race For The Championship'?

In one scene in the "Race For The Championship," viewers watched as NASCAR driver Daniel Suárez trained with a strange machine involving red dots. What is it?

By Becca van Sambeck

One of the best parts about watching "Race For The Championship" is you get to see what exactly goes into being a NASCAR driver: You watch as the drivers get support from their family, work with the pit crew, and train for their races. But NASCAR training isn't like the training you do for other sports, as displayed in the new USA Network series.

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During one scene in the series premiere, NASCAR driver Daniel Suárez lets the cameras follow along as he gets ready for a major race. Some of it is straightforward — checking on the car, basic strength exercises, driving, of course — but one moment had us wondering, "Wait, what is he doing?" Suárez was standing in front of a device that had red dots flickering in front of him all over a board, as he reached out quickly to tap each red dot.

Well, we were able to learn exactly what that was about when USA Insider digital correspondent Stephanie Gomulka spoke with Suárez at the series premiere event for "Race For The Championship" at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"That device just to make sure that your reactions are good enough. It's just like a warm up thing for your eyes and reflexes, really. There are many different ones, but yeah, that was a pretty cool one that we got to show," Suárez explained.

Suárez said a nice part of the show is that viewers will get to see more moments like that, as well more about their personal lives.

"I know all these drivers very well in a competitive level, but when it comes to personal — I don't know many of them, and I don't think many of them actually know me, either. So to get to know that personal level, what they do, how they prepare themselves, how they got to this point, what kind of sacrifice they had to make, I think that's going to be pretty cool [to show fans]. Not just for the fans out there, but also for ourselves," he explained.

One such aspect he's excited to show fans is his relationship with his partner, Julia Piquet.

"I think we have a very unique story. We got connected through motorsports initially, like, 10 years ago, through my brother raising in NASCAR and then reconnected at another sporting event and I think that's neat to share with the fans," Piquet said.  

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