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'Race For The Championship' EP Dale Earnhardt Jr. Talks Bridging The Generational Divide In NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. says now is the perfect time for a show like "Race For The Championship" thanks to a compelling mix of of old and new in the 2022 Cup Series.

By Tyler McCarthy
Dale Earnhardt Jr

NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is executive producing the upcoming USA Network series “Race For The Championship,” says the mix of old and new drivers in the 2022 Cup Series season makes it the perfect time to launch the documentary series

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The former Cup Series competitor is working behind the camera on the new show, which will document the lives of NASCAR drivers both on and off the track. Since retiring from motorsports in 2017, Earnhardt has done limited work in production, but is ready to take on a heavier role with “Race For The Championship.” 

Speaking in an interview with Variety, he explained he’s confident about this project specifically because the 2022 season’s crop of drivers puts the sport in the hearts and minds of so many generations of NASCAR fans. 

“I feel like NASCAR is on this rise, and we’ve sort of turned a corner in terms of fan engagement and interest. We are really in the middle of what I think is one of the most intriguing seasons that we’ve ever experienced,” he told the outlet. “There’s a little bit of the old — the driver’s names that you might recognize, a little bit of history still there — but there’s a lot of new. There’s a lot of new challenges and there’s a lot of questions. I’ve never went into a season where I personally have more questions than answers.”

He went on to note he feels the 10-part series will provide answers to those generational questions that are currently surrounding the NASCAR world among new and old fans alike.

“There’s a wave of older drivers that are sort of phasing out and a younger crop of guys that are coming in with a completely different vibe and a completely different outlook on life,” he added. 

Earnhardt added that executive producing the series allows him to bridge the gap between his time as a top-tier NASCAR driver and a new life in post-racing production. Specifically, it allows him to use his knowledge of the sport to help current drivers thrive. 

“I made a lot of changes personally and professionally in the last several years that I’m getting more and more comfortable with,” he told Variety. “The one thing that I try to focus on now is that I want to celebrate the drivers and I want to be an asset to them. I want the drivers to enjoy this experience. I want them to be proud that they signed on to be a part of this.” 

“Race For The Championship” premieres on USA Network on Sept. 1. Meanwhile, you can catch NASCAR content on Peacock right now.