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Beer Goggles Take Down Comedians Nikki Glaser and Al Madrigal in Barmageddon

"Drunken Axe Hole" + beer goggles = the less-than-stellar throwing skills of comedians Nikki Glaser and Al Madrigal.

By Tara Bennett
It’s Time to Play Drunken Axe Hole!: Barmageddon S2 E8 Highlight

Stand-up comedians Nikki Glaser and Al Madrigal are known for their razor-sharp wit, but this week's Barmageddon game "Drunken Axe Hole" proves once and for all that pretty much any metal weapon is mightier than the mouth.

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To the delight of instigators and co-stars Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, Glaser and Madrigal are pitted against one another to heave throwing axes and saw blades at a dartboard for points. With such a huge target and such small projectiles, what could go wrong?

Gravity and thrust can go wrong...and they do.

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Nikki Glaser plays games during Season 2 Episode 8 of Barmageddon

In Round 1 of USA Network’s Barmageddon game show that pits two celebrities against one another in outlandish versions of classic pub games, Madrigal is goaded to go first in "Drunken Axe Hole." His first throwing axe launch immediately awards him the agony of defeat with an ugly bounce. Known best for his correspondent years on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and co-founding the All Things Comedy podcast network with Bill Burr, Madrigal is left adrift with his words. But he slightly acquits himself with a two-point land in his second throw. He then closes with another bounce and is beyond happy to have earned any points. 

Maybe he should have used Glaser's strategy, going in with public humility as she approaches the task by announcing to everyone, "This is going to be great. I'm going to do positive thinking. This isn't going to be embarrassing at all." And it's not, because she immediately lands a three-pointer in the target. Maybe Glaser charmed the axe, or she just got really lucky. 

But then the actual beer goggles come out for both contestants to wear while throwing and prove to be hilariously effective in making their already terrible aim worse.

Madrigal moans and declares: "There's four bullseyes, man."

Let's just say, we're grateful there are protective window coverings keeping the contestants from the audience.

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