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Celebrities Shine Bright, Pick Up Huge Victories Against Storied Superstars At SummerSlam

Logan Paul added insult to injury and Pat Mcafee went right for the face at SummerSlam 2022.

By Ethan Absler
Summer Slam Logan Paul

Between social media mega-star Logan Paul and legendary NFL punter Pat Mcafee, the celebrity wing of the WWE roster was shining bright at SummerSlam this past weekend. Both stars picked up huge wins and showed off their athleticism and natural charisma that allowed them to successfully hold their own in the ring against some of WWE’s most formidable and experienced Superstars.

Logan Paul’s match against The Miz came first. After months of buildup, the excitement could be felt oozing from the live audience of over 40,000 fans. Paul had been going after Miz for months following a WrestleMania betrayal, and the moment Paul could get his hands on The Miz was finally here.

You could tell the YouTube star has been training a lot, going so far as to post on Twitter that he thinks he might have found his calling in the ring.

With Tamasso Ciampa and Maryse lurking outside the ring, Paul faced a three-on-one situation as he proved to the veteran champ that he belongs in the WWE. Miz kept the pace slow and methodical and Ciampa provided Paul with multiple cheap shots when the referee was distracted. Eventually, Ciampa was caught interfering in the match, causing him to be ejected from ringside. When Ciampa refused to leave, AJ Styles emerged to even up the numbers game in Paul’s favor.

Paul was eventually able to lay a stunned Miz onto the announce table before performing a dangerous and gravity-defying Frog Splash from the top rope to the outside of the ring. Finally, the boxer and social media mega-star was able to hit The Miz with his own Skull Crushing Finale finisher — the same move Miz used on Paul in his now-storied betrayal — to pick up the huge victory. While this was only Paul's second match ever, he certainly proved he could hold his own in the ring. How things will continue to pan out with him and The Miz is yet to be seen ... 

The story was eerily similar for WWE’s second celebrity Superstar of the night, Pat Mcafee. Although he was only competing in his second match as well, fans leapt to their feet when his music hit, proving his connection with fans is right up there with any of the WWE’s most popular stars.

As the match between Happy Corbin and Mcafee began, Cole and the other announcers made absolutely no effort to conceal who they were rooting for. Like the fans, the announce team was rooting for Mcafee and before the two had even locked up, everyone was invested.

Mcafee began the match by throwing a thunderous Superkick to Corbin's face. It had him stunned at first, but Corbin was able to regain control; he threw Mcafee around the ring and beat him down with stiff blows to the face and body. Mcafee was able to regain control when he jumped straight from the canvas to the top rope and hit Corbin with a SuperPlex. Then when the referee was distracted, Corbin got a taste of his own medicine as Mcafee kicked him below the belt and hit a Sunset Flip from the top rope for the big victory.

Both celebrities exceeded expectations this year at SummerSlam; they proved themselves athletic and tough, and they held their own in the ring with two of WWE’s most intense and credible opponents. Hopefully, for fans, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of either man — or either match-up — in the ring.

You can catch the replay of SummerSlam 2022 on Peacock because you know you need to see it all again!