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David Arquette & Colbie Caillat Go Head-to-Head in Barmageddon's Giant Beer Pong Challenge

You've never seen beer pong like this before.

By Grace Jidoun
Who's the True King in King Pong?: Barmageddon S2 E3 Highlight

The reality TV game show is up to more hilarious hijinks, taking beer pong to new heights (or lows) in Monday’s episode. Here, we bring you a sneak peek of the latest shenanigans going down at Nashville’s iconic Old Red. So, how do you improve on a classic bar game? Enter King Pong, with supersized paddles, popcorn machine ball launchers, and contestant David Arquette “going full clown” as he wields a giant paddle with a big red clown nose.

How to Watch

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The rules of the game are simple. The celebrity contestants and their regular people partners get thirty seconds to hit ping pong balls into extra-large cups. Each red “Solo” cup is worth one point, and the one special golden cup is worth two. After three rounds, whichever team gets the most balls in the cups wins the game.

How big is the Barmageddon paddle?

The Barmageddon paddle is an eye-popping seven feet, larger than producer Blake Shelton himself, who stands at 6’5”! The game gets harder with each round, and the odds lower as new paddles are introduced. In Round 2, jaws drop as WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella presents David and Colbie with paddles sporting giant holes in the middle. In the final round, the paddles look more like Swiss cheese, with five large holes punched out. Bella and fellow host Daly Carson also up the stakes in each round by adding extra ping-pong ball launchers. Sure, actor David Arquette ran up against Ghostface many times as Dewey in Scream, and folk-pop singer Colbie has won two Grammy Awards. But are they any match for King Pong?

Blake Shelton is team Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat Wearing a white top with puffy sleeves and a blue skirt before a concert.

It turns out negotiating a giant ping pong paddle in a crowded bar is just as hard as it looks. “Hit the ball, Colbie! What are you doing?” Blake yells from the sidelines. “This is a 7-foot paddle. How do you miss anything with this?” The Voice star teases the singer-songwriter as he takes the paddle away. David enthusiastically approaches the game when it’s his turn with the battle cry, “Let’s do this!” but has no better luck despite Blake’s advice to get “near the cups, near the cups.”

In Round 2, Blake is on fire with helpful advice to Colbie, informing her, “There’s a hole right there. There’s a hole in the middle, for god’s sake.” Meanwhile, the contestant’s partners seem to find their groove, and each team manages to land one ball in a cup.

David Arquette steps it up

In the final round, Colbie feels the love as the show hosts, the bar spectators, and even David cheer her on, yelling, “You got this!” But the perforated paddle and extra ball launcher proved too much, and no balls made it in the cups. Seeing his opening, David kicks into turbo mode, wildly swinging the giant red paddle back and forth in a beer-pong frenzy. At one point in the round, we wonder if David is laughing or crying. Blake asks him the burning question on all our minds: “What are you doing? Hit the damn ball.”

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