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'We're In A Wine Situation': Mike and Maryse Drink Together In Latest Preview Clip

Mike and Maryse Mizanin go to a vineyard and learn they can't drink like they used to

By Tyler McCarthy

Mike and Maryse find they can’t drink like they used to in the latest clip for “Miz & Mrs” Season 3. 

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The WWE’s “It Couple” takes some time away from their kids to touch base with their romantic sides in Season 3, Episode 5 of “Miz & Mrs.” To do this, they go on a little getaway to Grassini Family Vineyards in Santa Barbara, California. 

When they arrive, they’re immediately greeted by CEO Katie Grassini who informs them that they’ll be tasting a variety of wines with their expert sommeliers. This immediately intimidates Mike and Maryse, who note that they don’t like being seen as people who aren’t knowledgeable about wine. 

“Whenever we’re in a wine situation where we’re with people that are knowledgeable, we like to make sure that they know we’re very knowledgeable of wines when we’re not,” Mike admits in the clip.

Maryse adds that, being a French woman, she feels additional pressure to mention something smart about wine. However, what comes out of her is commenting on how “liquified” the beverage is. In her defense, Mike’s comment on it being “nutty” is not that much better. 

“The sommeliers are probably onto us,” Mike jokes.

After a few glasses of wine, they go for a romantic walk by the water and notice a boat at the dock. Although they’re not sure they’re allowed to take it out, the Superstar duo decides to throw caution to the wind and takes the romantic walk to the next level. As Mike rows out into the water they start to get frustrated that the boat is no longer making any forward progress. 

Maryse wonders if it’s because he’s paddling it backward but Mike insists he’s not (he was). That’s when she looks back and realizes their issue — they’re still tied to the dock. Suddenly, Mike and Maryse have a newfound respect for the wine they drank.

“I think the last time we got drunk together was like before we had kids,” Mike says. “We literally don’t have time.” 

Boat and wine mishaps aside, they still manage to have fun just enjoying each other’s company and getting a much-needed break from their kids. 

“Miz & Mrs” airs Mondays on USA Network at 11 p.m. ET/PT. 

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