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'It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint': The Miz Shares His Advice For Being A Super Dad

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin offered his advice to all fathers who want to be a "super dad" like him by showing examples from "Miz & Mrs" over the years.

By Tyler McCarthy

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin believes he has a lot to teach other fathers about parenting, especially ahead of Father's Day 2022. That’s why the “Miz & Mrs” star is offering his best advice to those who want to join him in achieving the coveted title of “super dad.” 

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As Season 3 of “Miz & Mrs” rolls on, he and his wife, Maryse, continue to show the world that it’s possible to juggle show business, WWE Superstardom, and parenting all at once. However, there’s a lot more than perseverance involved when it comes to raising two little ones in an already rambunctious household. 

To help would-be super dads, Mike made a video walking fathers through some of his best advice as well as how he’s applied it over the years on “Miz & Mrs” (to varying degrees of success, of course). 

“Being a dad of two daughters has its host of challenges, but with some simple tips from yours truly, you’ll be a super dad in no time,” he begins the video. 

His first piece of advice is simple but important: Make sure you have all the tools you’ll need out there in the field. He demonstrates this with a tactical vest he’s outfitted for quick access to essential baby “tools” such as a bottle, baby wipes, binky, snot ball, and hand sanitizer. 

The next essential step in being a super dad, according to The Miz, is to take baby proofing (or Miz-proofing) seriously. 

“You should treat it like your last line of defense in an ongoing war against adolescence,” he says. 

The Miz previously went above and beyond to Miz-proof his and Maryse’s home, even going as far as to put foam pool noodles on all the sharp edges of the house and applying child locks to the toilets “because that’s just gross.”

Although he ended up walking back some of the more extreme measures, he notes that failing to take this step could result in catastrophe.

“If you fail to secure the most sensitive areas, the results could be downright nasty,” he says as he recalls the time Monroe got into the toilet and put her little fingers all over her mom's face before they realized it. 

The Miz’s next piece of advice is perhaps his most rock-solid of all because it could save a child’s life. 

“We all know kids will grab anything they can find and shove it in their mouths,” he says. “So, being CPR-certified is a must for any super dad.” 

Before Maryse gave birth in Season 1 of “Miz & Mrs,” she and her mother Marjo went to an infant CPR training class. Unfortunately, The Miz’s busy schedule prevented him from going. However, the world’s greatest super dad was not about to forego such essential training. So, he carved out a little time while backstage at the WWE to get CPR-certified alongside his fellow Superstar and friend Dolph Ziggler. Dressed in their full wrestling gear, the duo learns the ropes and The Miz was proud to tell his wife later on that not only can he take care of their baby, but Dolph can babysit if they ever need him to.

The Miz concludes his super dad advice session with one more note about teamwork.

“Kids are fast. Take your eye off them for one second and you could lose them,” he says. “That is why you must use the tried-and-true, man-to-man defense so that you can keep an eye on them at all times.”

He continues: “Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. To win the war, you may have to lose a few battles here and there, but, in the end, these minor setbacks will only build character and before you know it, you’ll be a super dad in no time. Now go out there and show them what you’re made of.” 

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