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'You Think I'm Going Soft?': The Best Parenting Moments From 'Miz & Mrs'

Mike and Maryse on "Miz & Mrs" are never shy about showing off their awesome parenting skills

By Tyler McCarthy
The Miz and Maryse holding their two daughters and smiling at the camera

Maryse and Mike Mizanin are WWE Superstars, business entrepreneurs, and reality TV stars. However, their biggest and most important job is, of course, parenting. 

How to Watch

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The duo has two daughters, Monroe Sky and Madison Jade. Their efforts to raise the youngsters often take center stage on their USA Network reality show “Miz & Mrs” as they navigate the complicated waters of being two of the greatest Superstars in the WWE before coming home and being two of the best parents out there. 

As Season 3 forges ahead and promises new, exciting parenting moments from Mike and Maryse, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of their best, funniest, and strangest parenting moments from the past two seasons of “Miz & Mrs.” 

Meeting Monroe & Madison

The series began in 2018 with Maryse about to give birth to their first daughter, Monroe. In true Miz fashion, he filmed everything he could, including the moments before Maryse went into labor. In a sweet clip, he sits marveling at the fact that these are his last moments in life not being a dad. He vows to be the best parent ever before the camera cuts and Maryse starts doing the heavy lifting to bring their bundle of joy to the world. 

Moments later, the Mizanin family gets bigger and the cameras capture how overjoyed they are to be parents to little Monroe. 

Years later, they do it all over again. Mike talks directly to the camera and reflects on the fact that he’ll have to figure out how to be a father of two. Moments later, he is introducing Monroe to her baby sister, Madison.

Monroe’s Birthday

It simply wouldn’t be a Mizanin birthday if they didn’t go all out. Maryse and Mike planned a lavish first birthday for their firstborn. After Mayrse went above and beyond to throw the big bash for under $500 (per a bet with Mike), he is forced to show up in full The Miz character and put on a show for all the young WWE fans in attendance. 

Part of that show included singing a parody of “Jack & Diane” by John Mellencamp with the lyrics changed to be all about his love for Monroe and his promise to break the neck of anyone who hurts her. He may not be the best singer in the world, but the sentiment and lyrics are adorable and a great tribute to mark his first anniversary of being a dad. 

Tea Time

In Season 1, Episode 17, The Miz is realizing that his life on social media is showing him as a fun-loving, gentle, and sweet dad. However, he’s still tasked with putting on some ostentatious clothes and being a threat in the WWE ring every night. What happens when he learns that people seeing him as a loving dad is turning him into… a good guy? 

He leans into it. 

“You think I’m going soft? Tell my anything that is more hardcore than having a tea party with your daughter?” he says.

He sits with baby Monroe and Maryse delicately sipping from her tiny little play tea set. However, he also seizes the moment to prove that, although he may seem like a good guy at times, he’s still capable of getting those precious “boos” when he wants them.

He sniffs a cupcake and tells Maryse to do the same since it smells “rotten.” When she does, he smears frosting all over her face and cackles with laughter about it. The Miz is still The Miz, after all. 

Maryse Plans A Party

While Mike was writing lyrics to a song for Monroe, Maryse was doing her best to make sure her daughter’s first birthday was a massive and successful event in New York City. 

While they’re in town for Wrestlemania, Maryse tells Mike that she wants to get a big cake, gather a bunch of people (including their kids), and mark the occasion. However, he’s reluctant. He knows that Monroe won’t remember this birthday and instead wants Maryse to do something for herself to mark one year since she did the hard work of giving birth. 

Although his sentiments are sweet, Maryse is even sweeter and proves she’s a great mom; she demands that the party be for her daughter instead of her. With that, she gets to work planning a special day for Monroe and all her little friends. 

Miz-Proofing The House

Anyone who has kids knows that their curious little hands will get into everything, including the dangerous stuff around the house. 

Well, Mike wasn’t having that. In Season 1, Episode 16, Mike buys everything he needs to “secure the perimeter like a military-style operation.” He spends the day installing baby gates, and securing all knobs, cords, and cabinets. He also puts a lock on the toilet bowl to keep Monroe safe and avoid anything “gross.” He goes a step further (too far?) and puts foam pool noodles on all the hard edges. 

Although they eventually have to walk back some of the more over-the-top safety measures, Mike proves that he is very much thinking about keeping his daughter safe no matter the cost or inconvenience to his home. He is so confident about his abilities that he actually encourages Monroe to open up his “certified Miz-proof” oven door, which she simply cannot do. 

"Miz & Mrs" airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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