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It's Him! The Miz Confirms He's In The Woodstock '99 Documentary On Netflix

The Miz confirmed that he is the 18-year-old screaming into the camera in "Trainwreck: Woodstock '99."

By Tyler McCarthy
The Miz

After days of speculation, Mike “The Miz” Misanin finally confirmed he was indeed captured in footage that appeared in the new Netflix documentary series “Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99.” 

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For those unfamiliar, Netflix recently released the three-part documentary series about the disaster that was the 1999 music festival. In the first episode, old footage from the crowd is shown over the opening credits and eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that a young shirtless man who screams “Woodstock ‘99 baby, yeah!” into the camera looked shockingly like the WWE Superstar. 

It turns out, they were right. On Wednesday, The Miz took to Instagram to share a video of himself followed by the clip in question. He confirmed that, although he wasn’t aware he’d be in the documentary series, he’s there nonetheless. The footage was captured a full three years before he appeared on the 2001 season of MTV’s “The Real World: Back To New York” where he first gained notoriety and where he developed The Miz wrestling persona that he has perfected today. 

“Before The Real World, 18-year-old Mike still knew how to find the camera,” he captioned the video. “Never knew this footage existed, had to do a double take.”

It’s not altogether surprising that The Miz was spotted on camera at Woodstock ‘99. In 2017, he confirmed he was at the show when he shared a post on his Instagram about the band Limp Bizkit. As for getting in front of one of the many cameras there filming, well … He’s The Miz!

In the caption, he explained he saw them live at Woodstock ‘99 and noted he had a great time at the show despite “bad press” it received. 

Today, the show is known mostly as being a debacle of epic proportions. The documentary series lays out the logistical nightmare that organizers were underprepared for as some 400,000 rowdy people made their way to the former Griffiss Air Force base in Rome, New York, as well as the negative atmosphere that enveloped the crowd leading to riot behavior. 

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