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USA Insider Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane

Mariel And Paul Swan Hope Their Daughter Will Marry Whitney And Austin Dillon's Son

The best friends and "Life In The Fast Lane" stars hope to one day be family members if their kids start dating.

By Tyler McCarthy
Mariel Swan and Paul Swan talking to Whitney Ward

Mariel and Paul Swan are navigating the early days of parenting but they’re already looking ahead to the future. Particularly when it comes to their daughter Bella being roughly the same age as their best friends’ son. 

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Life In The Fast Lane” stars the new parents as well as their best friends Whitney and Austin Dillon, who are parents to 2-year-old son, Ace. The couples frequently joke that they hope their kids will one day fall in love and get married, solidifying the bond the two families already share. While Paul and Austin joke about it, Mariel and Whitney take the idea a bit more seriously.

“It's really funny. We've been talking about this because before even Paul and I got married and Whitney and Austin got married, this was always our dream goal,” Mariel explained to USA Insider. “When all of us were dating [Whitney said she] would have a little boy and then I would have a little girl and they grow up together and get married one day and the guys would always call it crazy. They're like, ‘you guys don't even know if we're gonna have kids yet. Like, how can you say that Whitney's gonna have a boy and you're gonna have a little girl?’”

It turns out the joke was on the boys. After what Mariel described as a lot of praying on the subject, Whitney and Austin had their boy and now she and Paul have little Bella. As for whether or not the future for them is marriage, Paul told USA Insider he’s open to anything.

“Oh, if that's what God's got in store for all of us, I'm all for it,” he said. “I think that would be awesome that we all become even closer and more of a family. It would be really cool to have Ace as a son-in-law and to see him and Bella be together one day, you know?” 

However, he notes he’s just as pleased if that doesn’t happen. 

“If they don't end up together, we always know that they're going to be super close and they're always going to have each other's back,” he concluded.

In the meantime, Paul and Mariel are simply trying to survive the early, exhausting days of being parents to a newborn. Fortunately, a few months into their new lives, they have some words of wisdom to share with other soon-to-be parents. 

“Yeah, I wouldn't call us pros yet, but we're definitely learning as we go and the biggest advice would be to just make sure you're ready for it, you know?” Paul explained. “And make sure you both are on the same page and you, you know, you and your spouse are a team, that's the biggest thing. Being a team, and having each other's backs.” 

Mariel, meanwhile, echoed the old adage that it all goes by so fast. 

“Every single day, like, there's something new, there's something different, and so my biggest advice would be to just take it all in,” she concluded. “Like, every little moment you possibly can.” 

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