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Who Are the First Coupled-Up Pairs on Love Island Games?

Your favorite all-star Islanders are now paired up in the first coupling on Love Island Games

By Shameika Rhymes
Love Island Games Host Maya Jama

The games are underway on Love Island Games. Set in Fiji, the first season of Peacock’s Love Island Games brings together fan-favorite Islanders from various Love Island series from the U.S.A., U.K., Australia, and beyond. They are all vying for a second shot at love as they compete in team and couple challenges, dating, eliminations, drama, and more.  

And with the premiere episode comes the first six couples of Love Island Games

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Now that they are coupled up, the games can officially begin.

“So, in these couples, you’ll now spend time getting to know each other, taking on more challenges together, living together, and even sharing a bed together,” host Maya Jama explained in the episode. But, their performances in the challenges will determine if they stay in the villa. If they do poorly, they can be eliminated. “Will physical attraction be enough to get you through?” she asked them. 

Here’s a look at the first coupled-up pairs on Love Island Games

Lisa and Curtis

Split of Love Island Games's Lisa and Curtis

Lisa won the first challenge by collecting the most hearts, so she got to choose first — but didn’t share why she chose Curtis. 

“I’m keeping it to myself,” Lisa said, and Curtis was more than happy to be chosen since Lisa won. Later Curtis told Lisa “I want to choose love over winning. I want to find somebody that’s going to be a mom to my kids.”

And with that, the pair discovered they both want kids. 

Imani and Ray

Split of Love Island Games's Imani and Ray

Imani was in second place, and she chose Ray. He was beaming when he said, “Great duo right here, madness and badness, she looks good so I’m real hype right now, I’m on top of the world.” Ray and Imani bonded over being the first in their families to go to college and their goals on finding love. 

“I want somebody that’s loyal and understands my career,” Imani shared. They began making a game plan by focusing on dominating challenges, trusting each other, and teamwork. 

Justine and Jack

Split of Love Island Games's Justine and Jack

“My fancy is being tickled by a couple of people,” Justine hinted. In the end, she chose to couple up with Jack. She said his humor and good looks helped with her decision. 

“You were the first person to do the challenge and you did it well,” Jack added. Justine and Jack agreed on trying to come in first in every challenge. The physical attraction jumped out across the screen as he stared at her, and she remarked, “you look like you were built in a lab.” 

They chose to test their speed prowess by racing each other, which proved perfect for a little physical touch. 

Cely and Toby

Split of Love Island Games's Cely and Toby

Cely lost out to Justine but was happy it was her bestie. And in the end, she still got the guy she had her eyes on.

“I would like to couple up with Toby,” Cely said. Toby said he was buzzing about the decision, with a big smile on his face. “When you first came in, you caught my eye,” he flirted with her. They traded war stories and bonded over heartache. 

Liberty and Callum

Split of Love Island Games's Liberty and Callum

Liberty only got one heart so she was in the final two, but she did get the final pick and she went off energy and chose Callum. Callum said he saw how much energy she put into the challenge despite coming in close to last place, so he was happy to be paired with her.

Liberty shared with the girls that she felt like her and Callum had a lot in common, especially their fast-talking pace. 

Jessica and Steph

Split of Love Island Games's Jessica and Steph

As the last one standing, Jessica was paired with Steph, saying “I don’t feel like a loser right now because Steph was in my top three.”

Steph said Jessica’s smiling face through the challenge was a winner. “You were in my top two,” Steph revealed. He added his first choice was Lisa, but he’s here for women that are into sports, which rubbed Jessica the wrong way. They are already off to a rocky start. 

Which couples will make it or break it?

Love Island Games is streaming now on Peacock, with new episodes streaming six days a week.

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