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Logan Paul Calls Out the Biggest Names In WWE, Reveals His "Hit List"

Two of the most prominent champions on the WWE roster have officially been targeted by the controversial Logan Paul.

By Chris Phelan
Logan Paul stands on the top rope of the ring at Wrestlemania

Whether you love him, hate him, or love to hate him, nobody can deny that Logan Paul has earned his spot in the upper echelon of WWE.

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Despite having fewer matches under his belt than fingers on his hands, Paul has somehow managed to captivate the WWE Universe via sheer athleticism. It's one of the rare cases in WWE history that a rookie's in-ring prowess has vastly overshadowed his villainous demeanor on the microphone (Kurt Angle famously experienced this phenomenon when he debuted in WWE in 2000). At this point in 2023, it's clear that Logan Paul is the real deal.

What Are Logan Paul's WWE Goals in the Future?

Logan Paul in the ring at Wrestlemania

After defeating Ricochet in a jaw-dropping match at SummerSlam 2023, Logan Paul has stepped away from WWE and diverted his attention toward his burgeoning boxing career. The Maverick is currently preparing for a bout against professional MMA fighter Dillon Danis on October 14. Conventional wisdom says that Paul is pushing his WWE aspirations aside, but during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, he surprisingly revealed that competing in WWE is his top priority!

"While I'm boxing now, my ultimate sights are on some WWE championships," confessed Paul. "Roman Reigns has them. I'm going to have to take them from him."

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Shockingly, a rematch against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship isn't the only thing Logan Paul has set his sights on. The Maverick admitted Seth Rollins and the World Heavyweight Championship could be in his future! In fact, Paul has a "hit list" in his mind – and those two WWE Superstars are at the top. 

"I've got a whole hit list of people I want to wrestle, and [Reigns and Rollins] are both on it," Paul explained. "After I do this boxing match and knock out Dillon Danis, I'm going to get right back into it."

"I'm going to get right back into it" is a loaded phrase. After his boxing match, does Paul intend on finally becoming a full-time WWE Superstar, appearing weekly on Raw or SmackDown? Or does he consider "getting right back into it" popping up now and again for specific marquee matches?

Maybe it doesn't matter. At this point, Paul has proven he belongs in WWE, regardless of how often he appears on television. We hate to admit it, but based on Paul's body of work so far, the WWE Universe is lucky to have him on the roster, even if he only appears a few times a year!

What WWE Match is Logan Paul Most Proud Of?

Logan Paul in the ring during his match at SummerSlam

It's interesting that Logan Paul hasn't given up on his quest to dethrone Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship – their title clash at Crown Jewel 2022 went down in wrestling history as one of the most unexpectedly great matches in history. 

"That's my proudest performance in WWE," said Paul of that match. "It was my third match overall, and only my second singles match. Triple H and the executives trusted me to go with the face of the organization, headlining an event in Saudi Arabia. I couldn't believe they trusted me in that position, but I was so excited to show them I could do it."

Paul credited his obsessive preparation for the quality of the Crown Jewel match and made sure to give Roman Reigns his flowers as well. 

"I was really enthusiastic to come into my own as a wrestler, so I really overprepared for that match," Paul admitted. "It paid off. I pray that it's going to age nicely, and maybe Roman and I can run it back. He's so, so good."

Calling Reigns "so, so good" doesn't do The Tribal Chief justice – his run as champion has been unrivaled in the modern era of professional wrestling! Still, we're unsure if Logan Paul is smart or stupid to attempt to challenge Roman Reigns again. 

Regardless, the WWE Universe can be sure of one thing: Logan Paul is a savvy businessman, and he knows that there's money in high-profile matches against some of the greatest WWE Superstars on the roster. A quick look at the list of opponents Paul has faced in his short career tells the story. Between his singles matches against The Miz, Rollins, Reigns, and Ricochet to his appearances in multi-man matches like 2023's Money in the Bank ladder match and multiple Royal Rumble appearances, you know what you're getting whenever he steps in the ring: At least one jaw-dropping viral moment and a match that exceeds all expectations.

You can tune in to Peacock to watch WWE's Crown Jewel on November 4 and Survivor Series on November 25. In the meantime, catch up on all things WWE Universe on Peacock.

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