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USA Insider Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane

'More Challenging For Sure': Whitney And Austin Dillon Talk Parenting Challenges

Whitney and Austin Dillon explained the challenges they face juggling their NASCAR life and their parenting life.

By Tyler McCarthy
Austin Dillon and Whitney Ward with their son

Whitney and Austin Dillon are letting cameras capture their life on and off the race track with the premiere of “Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane.” As a result, many are about to learn that their biggest race doesn’t take place in NASCAR, but in trying to keep up with their toddler, Ace. 

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The duo, who wed in 2017, welcomed their baby boy in June of 2020. Since then, they’ve been juggling their fast-paced life while raising their energetic youngster. Speaking to "Us Weekly," the duo detailed what a welcomed challenge it’s been to tackle parenting head-on. 

“Aw, man, racing after toddlers [is] definitely more challenging for sure,” Austin told the outlet. “Oh, I’m sure [the ‘terrible twos’ are] coming. I mean, he has his fits right now. He’s a little stud [and we’re] starting to call him ‘Bam Bam’ [because] he runs into everything and just tears things up.”

Austin noted that they’ve already started to work on cycling Ace out of baby mode and into being a functioning toddler. Their first milestone was a relatable one to many parents: weening him off his binky. 

“He only has [his binky] at night and we’ve gotten rid of it once already,” the RCR team member explained. “So we just gotta go back to it. But yeah, that, and you know, it’s just working on, like, speech with him [and] trying to get him to communicate his words is probably the biggest thing.”

Fortunately, it seems to be going well. Every day they notice Ace getting more independent — for a two-year-old, that is. Austin said he can pick out his own meals from the refrigerator, for example. 

Speaking of his independence, the duo looked ahead to the future and speculated on what Ace’s career might be. Austin obviously comes from a family with professional racing in its blood. Would they approve of passing that legacy down to Ace, though? 

“I would love it,” Whitney told the outlet. “I would love if Ace was a race car driver and took on the three and really continue the family legacy [because] that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about family at RCR.”

Austin was a bit more reserved, noting that whatever Ace decides to do in the future, he just wants him to do it with the same “drive, commitment, [and] passion” that the Dillons are known for. 

"Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane" premieres on USA Network on Thurs., June 23 at 9:30 p.m. ET.