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Paul Swan Gives Blind NASCAR Superfan Tour Of RCR Pit Crew Practice

"Life In The Fast Lane" star Paul Swan gave "Vivid" star, Kolby Garrison, a tour of how he and the RCR pit crew does their thing in practice. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Paul Swan

If there’s one thing Paul Swan loves more than his job as a NASCAR tire carrier, it’s showing fans the ins and outs of the pit crew duties. 

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That’s what he gets to do every week on “Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane,” but he recently got a chance to give a blind fan a unique first-hand NASCAR pit crew experience. Paul appeared with the rest of the Richard Childress Racing team on the latest episode of the NASCAR web series “Vivid.” 

The show follows longtime NASCAR fan Kolby Garrison, who has been blind since birth and fell in love with the sport through the radio, as she gets to experience the ins and outs of the sport from her unique perspective. The second episode of the series shows her and Paul running through what goes into a normal pit stop and opens with him asking a very simple question.

“What’s your favorite spot on the pit crew? What would you see yourself as?” he asks.  

“I’m hoping you can maybe help me a little bit with that,” she responds.

With that, Paul gives her a tour through the touch and smell of the “controlled chaos” he presides over every weekend for the team. He explains to her not only his job as the team’s tire carrier but how the car jack works, the electric tire wrench, and the gas refueling rig. All of it is information Garrison could not get through the radio and simply delights at learning. 

The episode culminates with her sitting in the passenger seat of the practice car as the RCR team runs through a lightning-fast pit stop so she can hear and feel what it’s like from inside the car as if she were a driver. 

The episode concludes with Paul circling back to the question of the hour: Which job would Garrison like to do if she were on a NASCAR pit crew? 

“I think your job,” she says. 

“That’s the right answer,” he jokes. “That’s what I was looking for. Take that [jackman Nick Covey]!” 

You can catch Paul Swan on "Life In The Fast Lane" every Thursday at 9:30/8:30c on USA Network and watch more NASCAR content on Peacock right now.