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'We Are Tired Of Being Told What To Do': Edge Betrayed & Kicked Out Of 'The Judgement Day'

The Judgement Day kicked out its leader and creator, WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

By Gina Tron
Wwe The Judgement Day Edge

Looks like the leader of The Judgement Day has been judged, harshly, and found wanting.

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WWE Hall of Famer Edge announced on WWE’s Monday Night Raw that Finn Balor is the newest member of The Judgement Day, which Edge formed in April. Balor had gone to battle against the group just 24 hours earlier at "Hell in a Cell."

Edge said he was “ecstatic” when The Judgement Day members told him Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley said he reached out to them. Balor explained that it felt like a “calling” to join The Judgement Day.

However, Balor did more than just join. He’s taking over.

He noted that while talking to Priest and Ripley he realized they had something in common: “We are tired of being told what to do.”

Priest then went on to explain that they are cutting off their current leader who taught them to always cut out anything holding them back.

“We are ready to shed the last bit of limitation holding us back, which is you,” he said.

The new trio beat Edge until he crawled out of the ring, and as he tried to get away, they threw him into a commentator table. The Judgement Day then stood above him, looking down at him as he writhed in agony. To add further insult to injury, Ripley broke off a piece of a steel chair, which Balor then put in Edge’s mouth like a gag. And Priest smashed his head with another chair.

The Judgement Day made it clear that Edge is no longer in control. Edge started the formation of The Judgement Day toward the end of this year's WrestleMania. During night two of the April event, Priest attacked AJ Styles during Style's match against Edge, and an allyship was formed. Ripley then made her allegiance known during the WrestleMania Backlash event in May when she attacked Styles to help Edge beat him. The trio, now formerly known as Judgement Day, led by Edge, went on to beat Liv Morgan, Balor, and Styles at "Hell in a Cell" on Sunday in a six-person mixed tag-team match. It was a match birthed from Edge and Styles' rivalry, which ended after Edge attacked Balor with his signature Spear move.

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