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John Cena and Kevin Hart Find Common Ground in WWE & Comedy in Hart to Heart Season 3

"I don't know that everybody truly understands the machine of the WWE," Kevin Hart mused during his conversation with former WWE Superstar John Cena.

By Caitlin Busch
Kevin Hart and John Cena seated together on "Hart To Heart"

Former WWE Superstar and current onscreen king John Cena is known for being extreme. Whether he's taking on opponents in the ring to become a 13-time WWE Champion and three-time World Heavyweight Champion or starring in blockbuster roles, Cena's all-in all the time. The same can be said for his conversation with Kevin Hart when he appeared in the second episode of Hart to Heart Season 3, where nothing was off-limits during their chat.

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That instant familiarity is likely helped by Hart and Cena having previously worked together. Specifically in the comedy film Die Hart 2, in which a played-up version of Hart learns from various action stars (including Cena) how to become one himself. Much of Cena's action know-how comes from his storied WWE career, which Hart was quick to dig into once he had Cena in the hot seat.

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"I don't know that everybody truly understands the machine of the WWE," Hart said. "What blew me away the most was how committed you have to be to a schedule that never seems to die. In the WWE you are part of almost what I would call a 365. You're part of a 365 work regimen. And in that 365 space and place of work, you're committing to the world of your progression as a wrestler, as a talent, and in the orbit of WWE, all of the personnel that comes through, everybody that wants to touch, that wants to be the biggest, the best, or whatever — sometimes a lot of these things, they don't pan out that some would want them to."

Cena went on to point out that, yes, WWE is the machine that never stops, but being a working actor and comedian like Hart is a similar task.

"It's a nonstop grind," Cena said. "And you're always on stage, different city every night and you're hustling. I went through the same thing. It's the same thing. And the business has changed so much since I started."

John Cena on Hart To Heart

Hart questioned whether that change was for the better or worse and Cena confirmed that things are a "whole lot" better now than when he first started out in WWE in 2002. And the biggest thing that's changed is how big the machine really is. Cena compared that growth to the kind the NBA and MLB saw in the '70s and '80s and how the NFL grew in the '80s. "Pro football now, it's an operation. The NBA now, it's an operation, Major League Baseball now is an operation," Cena said. "WWE's kind of followed the same trajectory where it's this massive, globally reaching entertainment juggernaut that can show up anywhere."

Cena also pointed out another big change: The move from a TV-14 rating to PG. Part of that change has helped with WWE's generational aspect, he said; the "product" has gone on for so long that different fans are able to relate to different eras and styles — just like comedy.

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"As the company grows, it's trying to gain more of a following, it's trying to gain more of a fanbase," Cena continued. "So you have to act accordingly. The great news is, I feel the talent, the performers are better taken care of, they're more professional, they're more understanding, they're not as wasteful, they're a lot smarter, they're a lot healthier."

All because they've learned from the missteps of the past and grown for it — both the Superstars and WWE.

To hear the rest of Hart and Cena's conversation — including more about his time in WWE, his acting career, and more — catch his episode on Peacock. New episodes of Hart to Heart premiere every Thursday, and catch up on past seasons on Peacock.