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Joey Logano Shows Off Car Collection, Reveals His Favorite NASCAR Competitor In New Series 'Drive'

Joey Logano took "Drive" host Austin J. Mills for a ride in one of his favorite personal vehicles for the premiere episode of the series. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Race For The Championship” star Joey Logano showed off his stunning car collection in the premiere episode of the new E! web series “Drive.” 

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The new show sees host Austin J. Mills ride along with celebrities and get an inside look at their lives behind the wheel. He gets deep with them with questions about what cars they like, what their relationship to driving is and what really drives them to success. 

In the premiere episode, he got the ball rolling on his automotive-themed show the smartest way possible — with a professional driver. Logano, a NASCAR Cup Series champion, met with the host at his private garage where the duo marveled at his modest but impressive car collection. They kicked things off by looking at the NACAR driver’s “grocery getter,” a 1956 Ford panel truck he’s tricked out with a Shelby GT500 engine that gives it roughly 700 horsepower. 

“So we’re getting groceries quick,” Logano joked. 

However, what really blew Mills’ mind is Logano’s old No. 22 race car that he used on the NASCAR track a few years prior. Specifically, he was shocked to learn that the headlights and grill on the front are completely fake. 

“Our tracks are lit so we don’t need lights,” Logano explained. “I’m just going to bust the headlights out anyway. The bumper is for bumping.” 

With that, it was time to take a ride together and conduct an interview. For this, Logano opted to pile them into his one-of-a-kind 2017 Ford GT Heritage that he estimates to be worth about $1.2 million. During the interview, though, Logano confesses that the expensive and powerful vehicle is not necessarily his cup of tea. While he loves it, he considers himself a “classic car guy” and noted that Mills didn’t get to see his favorite car, his 1924 Ford Model T. 

“It’s a challenge, it’s fun,” Logano explained. “I love seeing the history and where cars have come from.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Mills asked the driver who his favorite person to race against is. That’s when Logano confessed that, although he and Kyle Busch don’t always get along, he can’t help but respect his racing style. 

“I do enjoy racing him. I enjoy the battle we have back and forth, so I’d probably take him,” he admitted. 

In addition to the competition with Busch, Logano said that the simple drive to constantly improve and win is what gets him back out onto the track season after season. 

“I’m never content, I’m not a content person,” he explained. “I’m always looking for more, looking to be better. Growth. I’m kind of like that in life. I don’t know if it’s always a good thing but I’ve used it for good. I just want to win more.” 

The duo concludes their interview by getting in Logano’s 1935 Factory Five Ford Truck and doing some donuts in the parking lot. 

“No one else is going to be able to top that,” a delighted Mills concluded. 

“Race For The Championship” premieres Sept 1 on USA Network. You can catch more NASCAR content on Peacock right now.