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Dominik Abandons Father Rey Mysterio For First Time & Refuses Edge's Apology

"I can’t believe you’re taking his side over mine!" Dominik told his father, Rey Mysterio, after Edge apologizes for "accidental" attack.

By Ethan Absler
WWE Mysterio

During last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, The Judgment Day jumped the father-son duo of Rey and Dominik Mysterio after their match. In the chaotic fury of the brawl, Edge would emerge to help his longtime friends fight off Judgment Day, but accidentally Speared Dominik. Edge clearly felt remorseful after the Spear and made sure Dom was okay.

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Fast forward a week to RAW last night and The Mysterios are going over their pre-match game plan before Rey takes on Finn Balor. Edge approaches the Mysterios and apologizes for accidentally spearing Dominik. Instead of forgiveness, Edge is met with a dirty look from Dominik and Rey senses that his son doesn’t believe that The Rated-R Superstar’s Spear was an accident.

“I’ve known this man for 20 years. Es familia!” said Rey as he tried to calm his son down.

Dominik replied, “And you’ve known me for 25. I can’t believe you’re taking his side over mine!” before storming out of the locker room.

Rey then apologized to Edge before the two seemingly went their separate ways for the night. This was the first time we’ve ever seen Dominik act independently from his father and the first time we’ve seen any sort of cracks in the relationship of The Mysterio family.

Later that night, Mysterio faced Balor in a spectacular match, however, Dominik was not at ringside for the bout. Rey was sure his son would come to his senses and join him ringside, but Dom was nowhere to be found. Throughout the match, it seemed like Mysterio was distracted as he constantly looked for his son at ringside, but to no avail. Suddenly, Rhea Ripley emerged from the backstage area dragging a lifeless and bloodied Dominik out with her. Balor took full advantage of the distraction, hitting Rey with his signature Coup De Grace finisher for the win.

The father-son duo in the Mysterio family has been a fan-favorite tag team for a few years now, but for the first time ever, we’re reminded that even families fight sometimes. Will Rey and Dominik be able to set their differences aside and make up, or will Dom’s hot head get the best of him and possibly ruin his relationship with his father and one of the greatest Luchadores of all time?

Make sure to watch RAW next Monday on USA Network to see what Dominik thinks about his father’s actions and how Rey will respond.

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