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Cyndi Lauper Said “You Never Know” to More WWE Appearances

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" singer, Cyndi Lauper, is more influential to WWE than many think!

By Chris Phelan
Cyndi Lauper blows a kiss to photographers on the red carpet of the Tony Awards

History plays an important part in modern-day WWE. And what the WWE Universe doesn't know is that the organization would look very different today if not for the influence of a few individuals from its past, and Cyndi Lauper is one of those people.

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In the mid-80s, WWE was still finding its footing for a national viewing audience. While pro wrestling had its fair share of fans at that point, the WWE wanted to become the global sports entertainment powerhouse it is today. To do that, they needed help. So, they partnered with one of the music world's brightest stars, Lauper. From appearing at WrestleMania to being a guest on Rowdy Roddy Piper's infamous interview show, her fans followed her wherever she went, translating into new fans of WWE in the process. The "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" singer transcended entertainment in the mid-80s, and the partnership between pop culture and wrestling was famously coined the "Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection."

In fact, Lauper's involvement draws parallels to Bad Bunny in modern-day WWE, except for the fact that Lauper never stepped inside the ropes for an actual match. Nevertheless, WWE has learned over the years that musicians are the best way to reach a broader audience, which is a path that Lauper blazed. 

Kayla Braxton recently caught up to the singer herself at the Tribeca Film Festival, where she was attending the premiere of her documentary, Let The Canary Sing.

Kayla wasted no time asking the hard-hitting questions, namely whether or not Lauper sees herself making more WWE appearances in the future.

"I don't know, you know?" said Lauper. "I always had the look. You never know."

Any member of the WWE Universe should know that the women's division wouldn't be where it is today without influential stars like her pushing for better female representation, a fact the singer herself reminded Kayla.

"You should know that back in the day, we advocated for women in wrestling," Lauper said.

A feminist in every sense of the word, Lauper didn't only advocate for women in pro wrestling but for women everywhere. In fact, you can argue that women today wouldn't be where they are without people like her!

When Did Cyndi Lauper First Appear in WWE?

Lou Albano and Cyndi Lauper in the ring

Cyndi Lauper memorably made her first WWE appearance as a guest on Piper's Pit during Tuesday Night Titans on May 29, 1984. As was the norm for most editions of Piper's Pit, the proceedings immediately got a little crazy. Lauper had heard enough after the legendary Captain Lou Albano went on an anti-woman rant. By the end of the segment, she was pummeling Albano and Roddy Piper on behalf of women everywhere!

In the 1980s, you never knew what would catch the attention of a mainstream audience, and Lauper's first WWE appearance made millions of people tune in to WWE from that point forward. 

When Did Cyndi Lauper Last Appear in WWE?

Cyndi Lauper and Wrestler Wendi Richter in the Ring

Lauper's last WWE appearance was on an episode of Monday Night RAW in 2012, joining Roddy Piper in the ring for an unofficial Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection reunion! It was all smiles and reminiscing until WWE Superstar Heath Slater showed up. Fortunately, the commemorative record Roddy Piper presented to Lauper was put to good use. Although Slater would argue otherwise!

It was the last time WWE cameras had the privilege of featuring Lauper until Kayla Braxton's interview more ten years later. 

Why Isn't Cyndi Lauper in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Cyndi Lauper posing on the red carpet of a gala

Honestly, USA Insider doesn't know why Lauper isn't in the WWE Hall of Fame. She certainly has the connection, credentials, and influence to warrant inclusion. With music legends like Snoop Dogg, Kid Rock, and Ozzy Osbourne already in the Hall of Fame, we think it's only a matter of time before she gets her well-deserved induction.

Curiously, Lauper is still not a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but it's a distinction she wears like a badge of honor – after all, true rock and roll spirit is rooted in her activism, which Lauper values more than any Hall of Fame. For someone like her, who has consistently aligned herself with counterculture, the notion of being in any Hall of Fame seems, well, counterproductive.

Nevertheless, despite her possible moral objections to being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, we selfishly would love to see it happen. In the WWE Universe's eyes, no musician has made as much of an impact on WWE as Lauper has.

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