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Is A 'Covert Affairs' Reunion Possible? Here's What We Know

"Covert Affairs" ended on a cliffhanger after five seasons. Could a reunion answer some burning questions still left over?

By Tyler McCarthy
Piper Perabo in 'Covert Affairs'

After five seasons, “Covert Affairs” ended the worst way fans could imagine: with a cliffhanger. Although the creators of the show have said they wrote what became a finale as a reasonable place to stop the storytelling, many fans of the USA Network drama are still holding out hope for a reunion. 

For those unfamiliar, the show ended with the main character, Annie Walker, torn between two big life decisions. In the heat of the action, a very tempting marriage proposal was thrown her way. In addition, she was offered a new job within the CIA that would bring her career to new heights and allow her to do some good. In what became the final moment of the series, she made her decision but didn’t reveal it to the audience. 

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Sadly, it was only after Season 5 ended that producers and fans learned there would be no Season 6.

How likely is it that Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Peter Gallagher, and others will reprise their roles to answer the burning questions left behind by the finale? Sadly, there has seemingly been no real discussion about a revival. 

However, when the show ended, creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord explained that they were not ready to stop telling stories within the world of “Covert Affairs.” 

“For us, these characters and the actors we’re working with are so infinitely talented that we think we could keep telling stories forever,” Corman told TVLine in 2014. “Maybe we’re delusional in that sense, but we just love this show so much. We don’t like to think about it in terms of the end.”

Ord added that he was immensely proud of the Season 5 finale and feels the show went out on a high note. However, while they were still waiting to hear about Season 6, they both admitted to TVGuide that they purposely left several questions unanswered so they could explore them at a later date. 

For example, Annie’s trusted handler and friend, Auggie Anderson, announced his plans to leave the agency. However, they previously told Entertainment Weekly that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be a place for him in Season 6. Meanwhile, Arthur Campbell was toying with the idea of running for Senate — perhaps a revival could find him at a higher, public seat of government? 

So, while there isn't a revival in the works right now, you never know what may happen down the road.

Meanwhile, Perabo star previously said that seeing the characters grow was the best part of the whole experience for her. 

“I’d never done TV before, so I didn’t have the faith that we would even get past one season,” she told Collider. “So I never considered how a rookie evolves. I’d been really happy with the writers, in that they let her experience level and the people she meets dictate how she behaves and evolves, like a real person. And so, even though I wasn’t worried about that initially, because I never thought we’d get this far, the fact that they continue to let her grow and she doesn’t just stay naïve, has been really satisfying.”

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