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5 Times Savannah Chrisley Was The Makeup Queen On 'Chrisley Knows Best'

Savannah Chrisley is the definitive makeup expert in the family and there have been many times where she's proven it on "Chrisley Knows Best." 

By Tyler McCarthy
Savannah Chrisley smiling at the camera

Savannah Chrisley is undoubtedly the makeup expert of the Chrisley family, which she’s proven time and again on “Chrisley Knows Best.” 

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In fact, since 2020 she’s been the proud owner of her very own successful makeup brand, Sassy By Savannah. With countless products and a definite passion for making women (and, let’s face it, herself) look gorgeous, Savannah’s makeup has come up several times on “Chrisley Knows Best’ throughout the years. 

For those hoping to learn some dos and don’ts when it comes to getting glammed up the Savannah way, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the top 5 times Savannah Chrisley was the makeup queen of the family.

Savannah Gives Julie A Makeover

There’s perhaps no better showcase of Savannah’s makeup skills than when she offered fans a tutorial with the model being none other than her mother, Julie. 

For almost 11 minutes, Savannah shows viewers exactly how to capture her signature look, while throwing in a few well-meaning jabs at the way her mother takes care of her brushes and blenders. With contouring, eyeshadow, and more, by the time she’s finished, Savannah earns her "ta-da" moment and a stamp of approval from her mom for enhancing her beauty.

“I love it. I love this look. I mean, you did a great job,” proud mama Julie says. “I love it. I feel like I’ve been sitting in a makeup artist’s chair.” 

Getting Nanny Faye’s Tan On

As with any expert in their field, there are occasional errors in their education. While spray tanning doesn’t necessarily count as makeup, she tries her hand at it in the Season 6 episode “Say It, Don’t Spray It.” 

They set up a whole operation in the garage and Savannah gets to work to make her grandmother seem like she’s been kissed by the sun. Unfortunately, since it’s her first time, she accidentally ends up making it look like Faye was straight-up kicked by the sun. 

Even Savannah has to admit that it wasn’t her best work and that it “didn’t turn out as planned.” She also acknowledges that putting pool googles on Faye was not a great idea since it looks like she’s perpetually wearing a white mask afterward. 

Faye says she thinks she looks like a lobster and the family agrees. However, in true Savannah fashion, she decided to learn from her mistake. She asks a professional to come by and teach her everything she needs to know about spray tanning techniques. Unfortunately, it’s just a bit too late to save Nanny’s look for the summer. 

Chloe Wants To Be Like Her Sister

In the Season 3 episode “Failure To Launch,” Savannah learns how important it is to secure her makeup around the house, especially with a mischievous toddler such as Chloe running around. 

The family is sitting around having a chat when then 2-year-old Chloe walks in the room having clearly gotten into Savannah's lipstick. It's not the most flattering look (even if it is incredibly adorable). 

Savannah isn’t upset, but she wants her dad, Todd, to acknowledge that this is just the latest in a bit of a pattern of naughty behavior as Chloe goes through her “terrible twos.” Still, she can’t help but be flattered that the kid wants to emulate her. 

Savannah Finally Shows Chloe What To Do

When Chloe is getting ready for her first dance in the episode "Faye Talk Pretty One Day," Julie and Savannah decide it’s the perfect time to put makeup on her for the first time. Nothing crazy, just a little mascara. But, who better to apply it than the Sassy expert? 

Savannah is impressed with her own work, thanks in large part to her adorable model, who she helps off her high-back stool and has her do a little twirl to show off just how great she looks to the world. 

The Launch Of Sassy

In 2020 on “Growing Up Chrisley,” viewers got to see Savannah’s greatest accomplishment yet: The launch of her very own makeup brand. So, naturally, she brought in her grandmother to help out with the photoshoot. Although there were several hiccups along the way, when it was all said and done, she held a lavish party to celebrate the successful release of products that everyone can get their hands on to look as glammed up as the Chrisleys. 

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