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WWE Superstar Chelsea Green Mocks Adam Pearce Ahead Of RAW After WrestleMania

Chelsea Green got fans ready for the first RAW After WrestleMania by taking a jab at her biggest WWE enemy. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Chelsea Green and Adam Pearce

Superstar Chelsea Green seized the opportunity to air more grievances with WWE Official Adam Pearce during a brief promotional video she made hyping up RAW After WrestleMania on Monday. 

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The Hot Mess talked herself up ahead of her appearance on Monday Night RAW while encouraging fans to tune into all the post-WrestleMania 39 drama that unfolded in the ring. However, in true Green fashion, she did so by taking a massive dig at Pearce, who she often chides for not recognizing her the way she recognizes herself — as the biggest star in WWE. 

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“It is the hottest Superstar, Chelsea Green, and do you know what Monday Night RAW and the mistreatment I get from Adam Pearce have in common?” she says in the video. “They happen right here every single Monday at 8 p.m. on USA Network.” 

She concludes: “Now please excuse me, I have a manager to find.” 

Clearly, she was off to give Pearce more of a headache backstage while angling for herself to get the bigger and better matches and placement within WWE that she feels she deserves. This is far from the only jab she’s made at Pearce in recent days. In fact, just before WrestleMania took Hollywood, Green appeared on WWE Die Woche where she called him out directly and said she’d like to battle him at the next show of shows, WrestleMania 40. Her terms are simple: If she wins, she becomes the general manager for WWE RAW. If he wins … presumably everything will stay the same.

“I mean that’s obvious,” Green said at the time (via WrestlineZone). “It’s because he sees the potential that I have, and he’s really trying to hold me back. He is, and I saw it from the minute that I met him for the first time. I just … the look on his face when I asked if he was the manager and I didn’t know, was that of pure disgust. I saw it. I saw it in his eyes, written all over his face.

”I think from that moment on, he was a little hurt that I didn’t know who he was and that I didn’t recognize his bald head. So he’s now just trying to hold me back. Nobody can hold me back. People have been trying to do that my whole career. I thrive, I succeed, I can get through anything. I just have to go above his peanut head, and I will," she continued.

Sadly for her, there is quite a lot of time between now and when any matches will be announced at WrestleMania 40. That’s not to say a bout between her and Pearce, a former in-ring Superstar, is out of the question. However, given all the current fallout from WrestleMania 39, it’s hardly at the forefront of the WWE Universe’s minds. 

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