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Brock Lesnar & His Tractor Served Us The New GOAT Of SummerSlam Moments In 2022

SummerSlam had it all: returns, debuts, instant-classic matches, and one breathtaking moment that the WWE Universe will never forget!

By Chris Phelan
Summer Slam Brock Lesnar2

SummerSlam has always been known as “The Party of the Summer” and the 2022 edition of this epic event absolutely lived up to that billing, presenting some of the best entertainment seen in a single night in a very long time.

(If you haven’t seen SummerSlam 2022 yet, stop what you’re doing and watch the replay on Peacock right this second!)

While the WWE Universe was abuzz about the return of Bayley (and her newfound allies), the breakout performance by Logan Paul against the Miz, and the impromptu brawl between Seth Rollins and Riddle — which some have theorized has worsened Riddle’s brachial plexus injury — nothing quite set the WWE Universe — and the world — on fire quite like the spectacle that was Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar in the show’s main event.

Two of the biggest Superstars in the history of WWE clashed in an epic Last Man Standing Match that saw Roman Reigns successfully retain his WWE Undisputed Universal Championship after a myriad of interference from members of The Bloodline as well as Mr. Money in the Bank, Theory.

But in this match, there was a moment.

Not just any moment — but an iconic moment. An all-time moment that will live on in WWE history undoubtedly through video packages, YouTube clips, and word-of-mouth for decades. This particular moment will join the likes of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s splash off the top of the cage in Madison Square Garden, the Undertaker throwing Mankind off Hell in the Cell, and Brock Lesnar and Big Show’s superplex making the ring implode as the definitive snapshot moments in WWE history

In an age when the WWE Universe thought they had seen it all, SummerSlam 2022 in Nashville reminded us all of one of the lasting mantras in WWE:

Anything can happen.

We should’ve known that the tractor that Brock Lesnar made his entrance on would’ve come into play during the match. After all, the look on Lesnar’s face as he made his entrance in Nissan Stadium should’ve tipped us off to the fact that he wasn’t intending on using the tractor solely for transportation.

While elaborate entrances involving Superstars’ personal vehicles during WWE events is nothing new, never before had the WWE Universe seen that same particular mode of transportation be used as such an extensive weapon.

Throughout the grueling main event, The Beast Incarnate used the tractor to his advantage. Whether it was used as something to slam Roman Reigns onto or using it actively as a weapon to dump Reigns into the ring, Brock Lesnar’s country-boy roots finally came into play in a match where both competitors desperately needed to pull out all the stops.

The general chaos that unfolded during the match was more than enough to wildly entertain everyone in attendance in Nashville and fans watching on Peacock. There have been many Last Man Standing matches in WWE history, and the addition of Lesnar’s tractor added a sense of chaos that the others haven’t had.

But nothing could really prepare anybody for the moment we’ll collectively never forget.

We have no words:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the greatest SummerSlam moment of all time.

Brock Lesnar sure has a personal vendetta against WWE rings, huh?

The WWE Universe has seen the ring torn apart, broken, and imploded. We’ve seen Superstars flying off the top of 20-foot high steel cages and off structures that were even taller. We’ve seen Spears through barricades, powerbombs off ladders, and approximately one million tables being broken.

But never have we seen the ring lifted by a tractor.

The collective shock and awe experienced by the sold-out Nashville crowd was a sentiment shared by everyone watching live at home.

The only person in existence more shocked than us was probably Roman Reigns, who took a scary tumble out of the ring but somehow managed to beat the referee’s 10-count to stay in the match.

(What’s as crazy as the ring being lifted is that the match kept going! It’s a testament to the freak athleticism and drive of WWE Superstars that not even the ring nearly flipping upside down is enough to keep them down for a ten count.)

Predictably, Twitter exploded with reactions over this GOAT moment.

You can catch the replay of SummerSlam 2022 on Peacock because you know you need to see it all again!