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Braun Strowman Returns To WWE, What's Next For The Monster Among Men?

Braun Strowman made a shocking comeback to WWE, but where will he go from here?

By Ethan Absler

Last night on RAW, The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, made his shocking return to WWE and laid waste to the entire RAW tag team division in the process. 

It happened during a marquee four-way tag team match between The New Day, The Street Profits, Alpha Academy and Los Lotharios. Strowman’s music filled the arena much to the surprise of the WWE Universe. He ran to the ring and laid out all eight competitors before sending Otis through the barricade and Dawkins through the announce table, pancaking WWE security in the process. He looked simply unstoppable and appears to be bigger, stronger and meaner than ever before. 

With Strowman now back on RAW, he has put the entire WWE roster on notice, including Roman Reigns. Everybody is in danger of being run over by the human freight train and the WWE Universe needs to be prepared for what could be coming up. 

Let’s take a look at the current landscape of Monday Night RAW and what could be next for Strowman:

Tag Team Division

As we saw last night, Strowman put the entire tag team division on notice by single-handedly obliterating RAW’s four premiere teams and destroying WWE security at the same time. He showed he doesn’t care about the consequences that may arise, he just wants to send a massive statement to the entire roster. 

Well, message received! 

At WrestleMania 34, we saw Strowman win the RAW Tag Team Championships essentially by himself as his partner was a 10-year-old child and the son of WWE referee John Cone. Although the official record books show Strowman’s partner, only referred to as Nicholas by WWE, the fans remember the Monster Among Men really won those titles on his own. Strowman could easily make a case for a tag team championship run with a partner of his choosing after decimating the division so easily last night.

Roman Reigns

Let’s not waste any more time here and just go straight to the top of the food chain. Braun Strowman versus Roman Reigns would be an epic matchup. Reigns is obviously WWE’s most dominant champion in the modern era with a more than 2-year title reign. That being said, Strowman is a former Universal Champion in his own right and one of WWE’s most destructive superstars of all time. 

If WWE plays its cards right, having Strowman confront Reigns on SmackDown could prove to be a very competitive matchup for both men and offers fans another unpredictable title defense. The Tribal Chief is truly one of WWE’s only stars that could stand toe-to-toe with someone of Strowman’s caliber and size, so WWE should take advantage of the opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. 

Feats Of Strength 

If you are new to the WWE fandom, chances are you missed some of the most incredible and jaw-dropping feats of human strength to ever be recorded. Strowman is a freak of nature, a former powerlifter and one of the strongest men in the world. In his early days, he was actually able to build momentum, credibility and popularity simply by showing off his unbelievable strength. 

Whether it’s flipping over an ambulance, throwing a 450-lb Big Show through a steel cage, or lifting a semi-truck off the ground, Strowman has the ability to wow fans with his truly ridiculous power. In addition, the six-foot-eight, 350-pounder is more agile and faster than anybody his size should reasonably be. WWE can always show off Strowman’s strength and it will never fail to get a reaction. 

United States or Intercontinental Championship

With WWE finally showcasing the prestige and honor of both the United States and the Intercontinental Championships once again, both these titles seem like a fitting destination for Strowman to aim for. With Bobby Lashley holding the US Title and Gunther possessing the Intercontinental, both matchups would prove to be goliath vs goliath fights. Strowman would surely give both heavyweights a run for their money as he has not seemed to lose a shred of credibility among the WWE Universe even after his absence. 

Both champions would be stiff challenges for Strowman and give him a real prize to fight for. With Strowman sending the message that he is back in WWE to destroy everything in his path, this may be the most logical and realistic direction for Braun to go in now that he’s back!

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