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How Blake Shelton & His Unusual Pet Made Front Page News When He Was 13

The Voice Coach's pet's name was Seagram, and he fascinated a local Oklahoma reporter. 

By Jackie Manno

Animals of all kinds are clearly drawn to country star Blake Shelton

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While Shelton has apparently had three pet raccoons in his lifetime (per Us Weekly), the Oklahoma native had a memorable escapade with a special one when he was a teenager. 

Blake Shelton's pet raccoon

"Seagram was my pet raccoon that I had, I believe I was about probably 13," Shelton said in an interview with CMT before showing a picture of the raccoon along with his dog, Grizzly. 

Then, Shelton told the most hilarious story about an eventful moment he had with Seagram. "I had a buddy named Eric, and I was walking down the street to his house," he said. "I was walking with my raccoon and dog, and this lady [in a car] pulled over. At that age, I remembered stranger danger, right? Like, 'What is this woman?' She pulled out and she had a camera and she goes, 'I work for the Ada Evening News, and I've just never seen this. Is that animal with you? Is that raccoon, like, wild? Does it just follow [you]?' I said, 'No, that's my pet.' So, she took a couple of pictures. I forgot to tell my mom, and in the next day or two, this picture came out on the cover of the newspaper of me and my raccoon."

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During a 2021 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Shelton told another hilarious story about how a possum randomly infiltrated his kitchen. But instead of panicking and trying to shoo the animal away, Shelton began to pet it!

"He likes me," Shelton quipped. 

Blake Shelton gets Jennifer Hudson's son a goat 

Blake Shelton Jennifer Hudson

For a 2022 appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Shelton talked about a very special Christmas gift he got for the former Voice Coach's son, Daniel.

According to Shelton, Hudson's son and nephew went up to him backstage on The Voice and started inquiring about goats. "It was the fall season, and I remembered — I think at some point I asked you, I said, ‘I really would like to get him a goat for Christmas,' and so I got him a pygmy goat." 

He continued: “The season was over, and I wasn’t going to see y’all, so I had to, like, get an airplane to fly this freaking goat from Oklahoma to Chicago. I mean, this goat had a first class like ride,” he said.

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As for the goat's name? Prancer! 

"That is one of the most memorable Christmases for my kids ever,” Hudson said. 

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