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Big E On Recovery From Broken Neck: 'I Want To Make The Best Decision For Myself'

With each passing month, the WWE Universe has its fingers crossed for good news from the fan-favorite Superstar.

By Chris Phelan
Big E speaking into the mic

It’s been over nine months since the WWE Universe has had the privilege of watching Big E perform in the ring.

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As one of the most beloved and respected Superstars in the entire organization, Big E made a name for himself as part of New Day alongside partners Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods for the better part of a decade. In fact, he arguably reached the pinnacle of the professional wrestling world just last year, when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to become WWE Champion, defeating Bobby Lashley during an unforgettable September episode of Monday Night RAW:

Unfortunately, due to a suplex gone awry in a match on SmackDown in March, Big E suffered a broken neck and has been out of action ever since — but USA Insider is happy to report that he is well on the road to a full recovery. In a YouTube interview earlier this week with These Urban Times, Big E seemed optimistic about his prognosis.

After damaging his vertebrae, it seems there is a lot of uncertainty for the 8-time tag team champion, but in true Big E fashion, he’s seeing things positively, revealing that future tests in 2023 will give the WWE Universe a better picture of his overall recovery time.

“So I have to get some more scans at the one-year mark in March and then we’ll see how everything’s looking. But we’ll see from there,” he said. “My C1 [vertebrae] is broken in two spots, so we obviously have to be very smart about that. I was very fortunate.”

According to data from the Mayo Clinic, fractures to the C1 vertebrae heal depending on the severity of the injury. “The fastest rate of recovery is often seen in the first six months, but some people make small improvements for up to 1 to 2 years,” per Mayo Clinic's site, obviously alluding to the fact that a lot of different factors can contribute to the recovery time. Seeing as how Big E was overhead suplexed onto his head outside the ring, we’re thinking his recovery time may end up being on the longer side — but as long as he makes a full recovery, that’s all that matters.

In the end, Big seems to have the bigger picture in mind:

“I want to make sure I’m making the best decision for myself,” he said. “We’ll see in March. I feel great. Honestly, I’m really thankful for that. I don’t have any nerve issues, no strength issues, no impairment whatsoever. Obviously, to get back in the ring to do what we do, I want to make sure my C1’s rock solid. Other than that, I’m very blessed. I feel great.”

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Honestly, we’re not sure anybody looks at things with as much positivity as Big E does. We’re hoping he makes a full recovery, whether or not he competes again inside a WWE ring. And as always, USA Insider will keep you updated with the latest Big E recovery news as he continues his journey back to good health.

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