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Real-Life Bad Blood Between Becky Lynch & Ric Flair Thankfully Over, Says Seth Rollins

Who can claim ownership over WWE's “The Man” nickname?

By Chris Phelan
Split image of Ric Flair and Becky Lynch

What happens when arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time has a problem with a current WWE Superstar’s nickname?

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Well, you get a lot of off-screen drama — and a real-life beef that never makes it to WWE television. That’s exactly what happened between Becky Lynch and Ric Flair.

Their beef began way back at the end of 2021, when Flair accused Becky of using the nickname “The Man” without his expressed permission — an allegation that Becky brushed aside, calling Flair “sad” at one point. It was one of the more fiery feuds in recent WWE memory, but it never turned into a WWE storyline, despite plenty of animosity between the two. (We have to admit, sometimes the behind-the-scenes gossip and drama is just as engaging and entertaining as the storylines going on during RAW!)

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As it turns out, both sides have reconciled with one another, and Becky Lynch and Ric Flair are on cordial speaking terms — and this information comes straight from Becky’s real-life husband Seth Rollins.

On Wednesday, Rollins spoke openly about the feud between Becky and Flair during his appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show." We’re sure fans around the world who weren’t privy to their beef were surprised by it, but Rollins was quick to clarify that Flair himself was the primary instigator.

“I’ll put it out there right now, beef squashed between Ric Flair and Becky Lynch,” Rollins told McAfee. “To be fair, the beef was never on my wife’s side — she never had beef with Ric. Ric had beef with her.”

Continuing on, Rollins revealed that the recent RAW XXX event (check out our list of the craziest moments in RAW history that will never happen again, by the way) was when Flair personally reached out to Becky to apologize:

“He was man enough to come up and apologize to myself and to her and I thought that was awesome because I love Ric and I want to have a ton of respect for him and the fact that he was able to put his ego aside, bygones be bygones,” Rollins said. “We had a good moment at RAW XXX and he is The Nature Boy — one of the greatest of all time — on the Mount Rushmore on any wrestling list.”

We’re glad to hear that Flair has come to his senses — after all, Becky has just as much claim to “The Man” nickname in present-day WWE as Flair does — and apologized to both Becky and Seth. Interestingly enough, Flair himself has credited his documentary release for giving him the perspective to squash his beef with Becky. In fact, he admitted as much during an episode of his To Be the Man podcast:

“It all comes with the documentary. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in things that you just forget, and you say it so many times for so many years,” Flair said. 

Flair’s documentary was an eye-opening look at the life and times of Ric Flair, and we’re not surprised that Flair was as touched by it as the WWE Universe. 

“Then I saw them with their child and I thought, ‘My God, this is going to be Ashley someday.’ It’s not worth it. I am not ‘The Man’ anymore. ‘The Man’ is who the people think it is," he said.

Of course, Flair is referring to his own daughter Ashley, better known as current SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair

It’s a welcomed about-face from The Nature Boy, and we’re sure it was humbling for the 16-time World Champion to release that whether he liked it or not, wrestling fans around the world have agreed that Becky Lynch is indeed “The Man.”

Quite simply: It’s Becky’s time now.

To be honest, we’re not quite sure if there’s a lesson to be learned from this behind-the-scenes feud between Becky and Flair. But that’s OK — we’re just glad it’s over.

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