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Becky Lynch Tries To Convince Kevin Hart & Mark Wahlberg To Join WWE

The Superstar got the actors to call out The Rock and John Cena for a tag-team match.

By Ethan Absler

The Man, Becky Lynch, formed an unlikely trio during a interview with actors Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg as she asked them about their upcoming buddy comedy movie, “Me Time," their favorite WWE stars, and more.

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"Me Time" centers around a father who reconnects with an old friend for a wild weekend when his wife and kids go out of town. Lynch made for an entertaining interview while Hart cracked us up the whole time. 

The three joked around for the first few minutes of the interview before Lynch asked the question that was on everyone's mind. 

“You guys were a great tag team in this movie. We are here at WWE … do you guys think you would make a better tag team in the WWE ring?” she asked.

The two actors agreed that it would be a dream come true and Hart even said he thinks ratings for their tag team would be huge. When asked about any dream matches they had in mind, Wahlberg immediately responded, “The Rock and John Cena” to which Hart added confidently, “I mean I don’t think there’s an easier match.”

Lynch continued to joke about a possible career switch to WWE for the actors. Hart informed fans that his ring name would be Little Lightning and his finisher would be an overhand right called the Scorpion Tail. He then continued on a more serious note, thanking all the wrestlers in WWE and telling Lynch he’s a true fan of what they do. 

“When it comes to creativity, when it comes to the world of pizzaz and flair, what they’ve done in that sport is unreal. We are talking years, years as a wrestling fan. It’s truly phenomenal the work that [the Superstars] have done," he said.

The trio ended the interview with the actors naming their favorite Superstars of the past. For Wahlberg, it was Bob Backlund and George The Animal Steele. As for Hart, he was a fan of Koko B. Ware, Junkyard Dog, and The Iron Sheik, just to name a few. 

You can stream "Me Time" on Netflix, but may have to wait a little while to see if Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg ever guest star in WWE or get in the ring! 

You can find more WWE content on Peacock now.

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