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Ava Raine, Daughter Of The Rock, Joins The Schism In NXT Debut

The Rock's daughter made her highly anticipated NXT debut last night by becoming the newest member of  Schism.

By Ethan Absler
Ava Raine amking her debut appearance on NXT

NXT’s creepiest stable, The Schism, just got a heck of a lot more powerful and dangerous with its newest addition, Ava Raine. Raine is the daughter of one of the greatest performers of all time (both in and out of the ring), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and her first appearance happened almost 26 years to the day of her father’s iconic Survivor Series debut

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For several weeks now, a mysterious figure in a red hoodie and mask has been helping Schism win matches from the crowd, prompting various theories from the NXT Universe about who this Superstar was and whether or not they would be the newest member of the faction. Last night on NXT, the leader of the stable, Joe Gacy, brought fellow members Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid to the ring to cryptically discuss their newest member, much to the excitement of the fans. 

However, nobody in the audience suspected it would be 21-year-old Raine, who received a huge pop from the crowd upon taking off her mask and revealing herself as the newest member of Schism. Raine’s debut has been highly anticipated as she signed with WWE in February 2020 and is now the first fourth-generation Superstar to debut in NXT. Fans have wanted to see The Rock’s daughter in WWE for some time now, but she has already separated herself from the People’s Champion and carved out a road of her own with Schism. And just in May of this year, Raine took to Twitter to push back against critics who claimed her choice of name didn't show enough deference to her famous father and family.

“i probably sound like a broken record & hopefully this is the last i’ll mention this but i don’t understand why people being portrayed as separate individuals from their family name is such a heated topic,” she tweeted at the time. “a name doesn’t discredit any prior accomplishments from any family.” 

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And now, Raine has joined yet another family.

“The love and acceptance the Schism has given me defies any preconceived notions of who I am supposed to be. This family completes me,” Raine explained. The promo hinted at the reason why she is not using any name tied to her famous father, The Rock, and instead going all in on Schism. Raine’s debut and involvement with Schism is shocking, but seems like a fit for NXT’s newest star.

You can rewatch both the Rock and Raine’s debuts on the WWE Network on Peacock!


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