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USA Insider Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane

What Drives Them: Meet The Cast Of 'Austin Dillon's Life In The Fast Lane'

Austin Dillon is surrounded by great people who all get their time to shine on his new reality show "Life In The Fast Lane."

By Tyler McCarthy
Austin and another NASCAR driver greeting fans

Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane” is the latest reality series to hit USA Network and offers an inside look at the lifestyle of one of the country’s most decorated and interesting NASCAR families. 

How to Watch

Stream all of "Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane" Season 1 on Peacock.

Each week, the series takes viewers behind the scenes of what Austin Dillon is doing both on and off the track and the wild antics, intense training, and hard work that goes into being a top-tier professional racecar driver. Although Dillon is the man behind the wheel, he’d be the first to tell you he’s nothing without the people around him pulling their weight and raising him up. 

So, as people discover “Life In The Fast Lane,” following its premiere, we thought it’d be a good idea to introduce the public to the four core cast members who make the series what it is. 

Austin Dillon

Austin Dillon

Naturally, with his name in the title of the show, Austin Dillon is the glue that holds the family unit together. That’s because, when it comes to family, he knows a thing or two. His grandfather, Richard Childress, started Richard Childress Racing, in which Austin is now one of the core drivers. He got his start on the track as a young boy and by age 15 he was already making his way to NASCAR. 

Now that he’s all grown up, he’s got a winning racing career, which includes a massive win at the popular Daytona 500, a loving wife, and their one-year-old son, Ace. Every day is a new adventure in the Dillon household thanks in large part to his greatest cheerleader.

Whitney Dillon

Whitney Dillon posed, with her right foot in the air

Whitney married Austin in 2018 and is the mother of their son. Like her husband, Whitney doesn’t like to sit still for long and enjoys when her life is moving a mile a minute. Before meeting Dillon, she was a professional cheerleader and, later, a Monster Energy Girl. That mindset has never really gone away. In addition to cheering Austin and the rest of the RCR team on the track, she’s the person who finds a way to keep their lives interesting and running smoothly at all times. 

What's more, she does it all while being a mother and launching her very own jewelry line with her best friend, Mariel, as well as running a fitness app and keeping up a fitness blog. 

Mariel Swan

Mariel Swan

Mariel has been Whitney’s best friend since college. Together they came up in the professional cheerleading world when she rooted for the Tennessee Titans. Today, she and her BFF are co-founders of their jewelry brand, WM, and are pretty much inseparable. 

Because she grew up as a preacher’s daughter, she fits right in and bonds the group together through faith

In fact, when Whitney began dating Austin, it opened the door for her and Austin’s very best friend, Paul Swan, to start dating and together they not only got married but started a family. The duo welcomed their daughter, Bella into the world last month and the first season of “Life In The Fast Lane” sees her and Paul preparing to be new parents throughout her pregnancy. 

Paul Swan

Paul Swan sitting

Athlete, tire carrier, father, and certified goofball, Paul is far and away the heart of the quartet of friends. 

The former college football player first joined the world of NASCAR when he was hired by the RCR team to help the pit crew with strength training. It didn’t take long before Austin noticed his drive and determination and the two began a bromance for the ages. Now, years later, they’re not only best friends and staples in each other’s lives, but they’re teammates who rely on each other on the track to help both Austin and RCR continue to be among the top competitors in the NASCAR world. 

Paul doesn’t crack under the pressure, but that’s because he’s always prepared. So, when he’s not doing wild things with Austin or working his tail off on the track, you can find him working out or chowing down on packets of tuna. 

“Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane” airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on USA Network.