Reverse The Curse
S3 episode 8 Aired on July 14, 2017

Emma has just finished chemo, and the girls are going out to celebrate with their boyfriends at Simon, the hottest restaurant in town. But Emma is stressing out, first because, thanks to chemo, her hair looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s, and then because she manages to convince herself that the Crawford Curse is going to strike. And despite Maggie’s assurance that this alleged family curse isn’t real, it does seem like bad luck is following the girls when they blow a tire and then, while fixing it, get locked out of their car without their phones on an isolated stretch of road.  And the worst part, as far as Emma is concerned? Bosephus -- he who will not die -- is back.

Fortunately, things take a turn for the better when Emma and Bosephus are offered a ride by Mr. Nanjiani and his Lyft passenger. Moved by their plight, he takes them under his wing and next thing you know, Emma and Maggie find themselves backstage at a drag show getting made over by the ladies. When they hear that the performers who usually cover “Proud Mary” can’t make it, of course the girls have no choice but to offer to step in. Some gold fringe, a few wigs, and a gallon of false eyelashes later, they bring the house down. Tina would be proud.

Meanwhile, Mark and Dr. Ericson (his name is Clive, by the way, but in our hearts he’ll always be Dr. E) meet up at Simon and are forced to begin their entirely mystifying -- though delicious -- meal without the ladies. The guys bond over dinner, and Mark lets Clive in on some of the girls’ past shenanigans -- not to mention the fact that he hopes to spend the rest of his life with Emma.


Across town, the girls are still riding high after their performance when they stumble upon Maggie’s old gossip buddy Rod Rocklemore, who’s given up his delivery job and is now driving an ice cream truck. He’s happy to give Maggie a ride (and begrudgingly lets Emma tag along too), but before the ladies can finally meet up with Mark and Clive they have one stop to make: the home of one Shirley Lambert, she of flip-flop wreath fame.

And that’s how Mark finds himself getting an APB on two drag queens escaping on an ice cream truck with a stolen wreath. Clive had better buckle in, because those would be the kind of tomfoolery Mark was talking about. And the good news is, now that Emma has kicked cancer’s ass and the girls have reversed the curse, they’ve got plenty of time for more shenanigans…