Paging Doctor Yes Please
S3 episode 4 Aired on June 30, 2017

While visiting Maggie at the hospital, Emma gets her first peek at Dr. Ericson, who’s stopped by the nurse’s desk to ask Maggie a favor: he’s agreed to be part of a promotional video for the hospital about the nursing program, and was hoping Maggie would appear in it with him. Naturally, she quickly agrees. Emma, who’s been spying on the whole exchange, senses a mutual attraction, but Maggie is still playing coy and assures Emma that she and Dr. Popsicle have an exclusively professional relationship.

Bruce needs a favor too, and turns to Zach, who has volunteered to teach a bike safety class for children. When Bruce shows up with Charlotte and the embarrassing admission that doesn’t know how to ride a bike, Zach is moved by Bruce’s desire to learn so that he can one day teach Charlotte, and agrees to help.


When the day of the shoot arrives, Maggie steps up her scrubs look with some beachy waves and a smoky eye, though she still insists her efforts are purely because she’ll be appearing on camera and have absolutely nothing to do with her handsome doctor costar. But on set, sparks undeniably fly between the two. Emma, who has shown up at the hospital again (uninvited, naturally), convinces Maggie to make a move. Unfortunately, just as Maggie screws up the courage to ask Dr. Ericson to lunch, she and Emma spot him with another woman. Despite Emma’s certainty that this dreamy doctor would never go for a woman in a chunky wedge, Maggie is discouraged.

But Emma, a firm believer that chemistry doesn’t lie, isn’t ready to let the matter rest. Willing to seize any opportunity to snoop, she books a physical with Dr. Ericson. Maggie isn’t thrilled with Emma’s interference -- and Emma isn’t thrilled when it turns out the visit includes a breast exam by her friend’s potential future flame -- but they soon forget about their qualms when Maggie and Dr. Ericson make a startling discovery: a lump in Emma’s breast.

Shockingly, the lump turns out to be cancer. Emma is distraught, especially about the prospect of not being around for Charlotte, though Maggie assures her that the odds are in their favor: Emma is young, they caught it early, and they have the best doctors on the case. Plus, Emma is the strongest woman Maggie’s ever met, and will have her best friend by her side every step of the way.