Knotty Pine
S2 episode 4 Aired on August 11, 2015

Struggling to be best friends with Mark’s wife, Tina, Maggie and Emma agree to attend a ladies-only wood-working class with her. It’s there they meet Buck Finch, the over-sexual master craftsman teaching the class. Every woman in class is a hot-mess for Buck, but Maggie and Emma aren’t sold, especially when they discover Buck has taken a special interest in Tina!

 At home, Emma is uncomfortable with Maggie’s gossip-heavy friendship with their UPS man, Rod Rockemoor. However, Rod proves useful when he shares the tidbit that Buck has broken up 11 marriages in Pinebrook and even more in the Philippines! Emma visits Mark to clue him in on the situation but is unable to break through to him due to his new obsession with a miniature train set.

 Following up on their promise to be Tina’s best friends, Maggie and Emma decide they must attend Buck’s rockabilly DJ night at Snuffy’s Clam Bar to protect Tina from Buck’s advances. However it quickly becomes apparent that maybe Tina’s not so opposed… that is until Mark walks in the door and the couple realizes that maybe a heart to heart is in order.