37 Weeks
S1 episode 8 Aired on June 10, 2014

Maggie’s OB/GYN informs her that she has reached the thirty-seventh week of her pregnancy and the baby could now arrive safely at anytime. Feeling unprepared, Maggie spirals into a panic over all the things she needs to get done around the house before the baby comes. Emma tells her she doesn’t have to do this alone and offers to round up a ragtag bunch of dreamers, including Mark and Gwen, to help get the house ready. 

The next day, as Gwen helps Maggie pack for the hospital, Mark and Emma pair up to paint the kitchen. But, there’s nothing like being trapped in a room with low-VOC paint and unexplored feelings to bring old dynamics to the surface. A fight about spackling leads them to talking about Mark’s proposal thirteen years ago. Mark takes Emma to task for fleeing town but Emma says his proposal was never about her. As the tension between them escalates, a frustrated Maggie finally steps in and sets them straight. 

Setting their feelings aside, Mark and Emma resume painting the kitchen until Mark makes a startling revelation to Emma and the two share a moment. The moment is interrupted when Mark’s wife Tina aka Bird Bones enters the kitchen with lunch for the crew. 

Later, when Tina asks Maggie why Emma acts so odd around her, Maggie innocently says it’s probably because Mark and Emma were engaged. Tina is shocked – it turns out that Mark never told her that he proposed to Emma. She rushes back to the kitchen and confronts Mark. Mark tries to explain but Tina flies off the handle. More and more secrets and half-truths come tumbling out until Maggie begins to moan. The baby is coming. Now!