S1 episode 5 Aired on May 20, 2014

Maggie is nervous about attending her marching band’s fifteen year reunion because her high school crush CJ Wolfe will be there. Emma convinces Maggie to attend after pointing out that this is her last chance to really live it up before the baby comes and offers to tag along for moral support.

Maggie and CJ see each other for first time since they almost kissed fifteen years ago and sparks fly between them in a heated snare drum exchange. After the invigorating performance, CJ invites Maggie to join him and his drumline buddies on a night time adventure. Maggie accepts and Emma, not wanting toleave her friend alone with this long-haired rapscallion and his weird friends, reluctantly agrees to come along. Much to her surprise, Emma discovers she has a nerdy admirer of her own.

The group breaks into the local JCC swimming pool and just when Maggie is about to get her kiss from CJ, the cops, including Mark, arrive. This is particularly embarrassing for Emma, who must now see her ex-boyfriend in her underwear. CJ makes a break for it but Emma and Maggie are brought into the police station. Maggie has a meltdown in the interrogation room, worried that now that the baby is almost here she will not be having any more adventures, but Emma reminds her that her life will only get better and that they are in this together.