Mike 'The Miz' Day
S2 episode 6 Aired on March 4, 2020

All-Star Superstar

Mike is invited back to his hometown of Cleveland to play in the All Star softball game at Progressive Field. He’s excited to return home to see the family, but Maryse is nervous knowing that there will be a lot of Mizanins to interact with. And she’s right! As soon as they land in Cleveland, Mike’s dad George brings them to a big reunion where almost every single family member tries to touch Maryse’s pregnant belly. The Mizanins don’t seem to understand the concept of personal space. Mike makes George promise not to surprise them with any more big gestures because even though he means well, he ends up making them more overwhelmed and exhausted.

Don’t Touch It!

Mike recognizes how frustrated Maryse is by all the unwanted hands on her pregnant belly, so, being the thoughtful husband that he is, he makes her a shirt that says “Don’t Touch It!” He should have made one as a directive for his friend Dolph Ziggler too because when chatting with Maryse in Cleveland, he means to touch her belly but misses the mark. Yikes. To make matters worse, Mike doesn’t even find out about it until much later. He had texted Dolph to try to get him to stop humoring George in thinking he is a WWE celebrity, but Dolph misread his texts and assumed that Maryse had told him about the incident. Maybe things would have been different if he had that shirt too.

The Miz Day

George, ever the reliable, doesn’t make good on his word to not surprise Mike and Maryse with big gestures. In fact, he does exactly the opposite and takes Mike to his old high school where the whole town has gathered to celebrate a new local holiday Mike “The Miz” Day. What starts out as an over-the-top spectacle ends up being a source of pride for Mike as he gets keys to the city and celebrates his home town with the locals. Overall, the trip had its ups and downs, but one thing is for sure: that sweaty weekend in Cleveland will be one the Mizanins will never forget.