A Star Isn't Born
S2 episode 4 Aired on February 19, 2020

They’re Pregnant

Although Maryse is the one carrying their baby, Mike is acting like he’s pregnant too. He keeps saying that he feels the same hormones Maryse is feeling; he never says that she’s pregnant but instead that “we’re pregnant;” he even says that his body is changing too! So Maryse decides that if he wants to act pregnant, he needs to take care of a pregnant body. She has them work out with her prenatal trainer, and to get the full experience, she makes Mike wear a pregnant belly. He quickly realizes that growing human life while trying to maintain a normal routine is not as easy as it looks. Who would’ve guessed!

Singing in the Ring

When Mike’s friend, recording artist Ryan Cabrera sets out to create an album with some artist friends, Mike tries to get a spot. As proof of his singing chops, he shows Ryan a clip of him and Maryse singing at the largest Carpool Karaoke in the WWE ring. To his surprise, the clip is not as awesome as he remembers. In fact, it’s awful. The Mizanins don’t get a spot on the album, but they do have the embarrassment of singing poorly in front of thousands of people to last them a lifetime.

Mold the Miz

Maryse decides to get a body mold to capture her pregnancy, and since Mike is hopping on the pregnancy train, he’s getting one too. The only issue is, a body mold necessitates a nude model and that nude model needs to be hairless. So Maryse needs to wax Mike in very… sensitive areas. It hurts, a lot, but in the end, the Mizanins come away with some beautiful, if exaggerated, molds that immortalize their bodies when they were pregnant. A fun housewarming present!