Miz Little Lies
S2 episode 2 Aired on February 5, 2020

Deja Vu

The Mizanins are moving ... again! While Maryse is pregnant… again! Though they say everything’s easier the second time, this transition proves particularly complicated for the It Family. When touring rental houses in LA, they start to get a better picture of how much this will all cost, and the answer isn’t pretty. Plus, they’re realizing that all the good schools in the area are private and come with a hefty tuition bill. The Mizanins need a space that will fit the two of them, Monroe, the soon-to-arrive baby, and Barbara -- who has decided to bring her creepy doll collection with her. Somehow the move is not sounding so simple anymore.

Rebel Beach

When Mike asks to take a few days off of work to prep for the move, he doesn’t realize that he’s passing up an opportunity to golf at Pebble Beach, his favorite course. So instead, he takes the gig and tells Maryse he’s shooting a commercial. He would have gotten away with the lie if he hadn’t bragged to his dad over the phone. George tries to watch Mike golf, but can’t figure out what channel he’s on, so he calls Maryse and spills the beans. Someone has some serious ‘splaining to do…

Home Sweet Home

While Mike is enjoying some getaway golfing, Maryse is home stressing about Monroe’s future. A neighbor kindly reminds her that most pre-schools in the area have years-long waitlists. So, as any good mother would, Maryse spends the next few days begging schools to bump Monroe to the top of the list, but nothing works. So, she decides to get creative and sends a gift basket to one of her top choices. It’s not bribery if it’s just food, right? Mike returns home to discover just how much Maryse spent on securing Monroe’s future, but he doesn’t have much leverage in this fight because she reminds him that he had been lying for days. Touché Maryse, touché.