Monroe's First WrestleMania
S2 episode 1 Aired on January 29, 2020

We’re Back, Baby

That’s right, Mike, Maryse, Monroe, and the gang are back for a whole new host of Mizanin shenanigans (aka Mizanigans). And they don’t waste a moment. As soon as they touch down in New York City for WrestleMania, Maryse begins planning Monroe’s first birthday party. Mike isn’t as keen on throwing a huge birthday bash because Monroe is so young and won’t even remember it. Plus, the bigger the party, the bigger the price tag. After viewing one venue that would have cost them $10,000, Mike and Maryse set a budget of $500. And while Maryse feels confident she can plan a great party in that range, Mike is not so sure his wife won’t overspend.

Just a Tad Below Average

When Maryse takes an online quiz to determine Mike’s “sex personality,” his “spiciness” rating comes back at a 47%. Ouch. To add salt to the wound, Mike’s friends have already started spreading rumors that he’s not as attractive as he claims to be. So in an effort to spice up his life, he takes some of the quiz’s more creative suggestions. It’s all fun and games for the Mizanins – until Mike is forced to run down a public hallway naked with nothing but a room service tray to cover up.

All-Star Birthday

Ultimately, Maryse lives up to her word and spends just under $500 to give Monroe the best first birthday ever. And it ends up being much easier than expected: All she had to do was promise that the Miz would show up and do some free publicity for the venue. To top off an awesome trip, Monroe gets to see her first WrestleMania, where her dad dominates the competition. (It doesn’t even matter that the baby slept through his match!)