Road Trip Mania
S1 episode 5 Aired on August 21, 2018

Mike, Maryse, Monroe, Marjo, and four pets make the move from LA to Austin. What could go wrong?

Baby Monroe Sky has been born, but life isn't any less hectic for Mike and Maryse. Mike (and his father) attend WrestleMania Axxess ahead of WrestleMania 34, but despite the warm reception, Mike's heart is at home with his family. 

Speaking of home -- Mike and Maryse are leaving Los Angeles' Chateau MarMiz to settle down in Austin, Texas. And moving is no easy feat! In addition to dozens of boxes, Mike and Maryse need to transport two cats, two dogs, their newborn -- and Marjo. The couple's plan first hits a snag when their tour bus can't make it to the driveway, so Mike, Maryse and Marjo need to drag their belongings uphill. But between unpleasant odors, late-night cat growling, and Marjo's tendency to wander, the two-day ride doesn't exactly go smoothly. 

After a radiator failure causes the bus to break down, Mike gets a car to take everyone and everything to their new home. But the trip was a success in one key respect -- Mike gets Maryse to admit he had the better travel plans.