Heel No More
S1 episode 17 Aired on August 6, 2019

Big Bad Mike 

On the WWE stage, the Miz has always been a villain, but since becoming a dad, his cuteness factor has gone way up, and people stop seeing him as a bad guy. It doesn’t help that he shares pictures of himself and his family in unicorn costumes on his Instagram. It isn’t until WWE Artist Rob Schamberger calls Mike out for his new image that he realizes how much nicer he looks to the public eye. As much as this changes his reputation in the ring, he doesn’t mind too much because he now gets to enjoy the sound of 40,000 people cheering his name. 


In One Ear, Out the Other 

Mike has, what Maryse lovingly calls, “selective hearing,” AKA he only hears what he wants to hear. He buys the wrong kind of groceries, he doesn’t listen when Maryse asks him to take care of the house, and worst of all, he blames it on a “study” claiming that men’s voices are easier to listen to. Maryse tests out his theory by having their very deep-voiced friend Titus O’Neil ask Mike to run their errands. This obviously doesn’t work either, so Maryse does the next logical thing and takes Mike to a hearing specialist. When it turns out his ears are not broken, Mike is out of excuses. Sounds like someone will be taking out the garbage for the rest of his life. 


Ice, Ice, Baby 

Despite her frustration, Maryse realizes that Mike’s “selective hearing” might actually work to her advantage. She can get away with anything by just claiming that she already told him. So, she does something she’s wanted to for a long time: give Monroe the ability to play in the snow! She hires someone to cover her driveway in a sheet of snow so that Monroe can experience a winter wonderland at home in Austin. Although Mike has no recollection of Maryse telling him about this (she definitely did), he ends up having fun and realizing he needs to listen to his wife more. Lesson learned!