Scorched Earth
S1 episode 7 Aired on February 16, 2020

In Dare Me season 1, episode 7, “Scorched Earth,” it’s finally time for the squad to head to Cleveland for Regionals. Go Eagles!

“Shadows” Lurking on the Road to Regionals

The excitement is palpable as the squad joyfully boards the bus for Regionals. Beth and Addy seem like they’re in sync again. Even J.J. briefly lays down her sword to show her support for Colette’s efforts on behalf of the squad and Lana unexpectedly appears in Cleveland as a surprise for Beth. Addy, however, is disappointed to find out there won’t be any college scouts at Regionals—they only go to States—and Colette is still ignoring Will’s never-ending barrage of texts, which seem to be stressing her out more than the competition. 

Breaking Focus

That night, the squad’s biggest challenge is staying focused amidst the many distractions, which pretty much everyone fails to do. Tacy and the JV’s go on a drinking bender after raiding abandoned room service trays. Beth agrees to a “family” dinner with Lana and Bert that takes a nosedive when Bert gets an SOS call from his drunken younger daughter, prompting him to ditch his first family for the zillionth time. Anxious about the situation with Will and not wanting to jeopardize the stability she has with Matt, Colette invites Addy to join her in the sauna to decompress, which leads to more intimate talk between them. Adding insult to Beth’s abandonment issues injury, Addy is not in their shared hotel room like Addy promised. Without anyone to stop her, Beth goes into full-on meltdown mode until she passes out from exhaustion.

“We happy few. We band of bitches.”

The day of the competition, the squad readies themselves to head into battle, but tensions are high all around. Colette finally responds to Will’s texts pleading with him to give her space, but when he says, “Don’t you see we can’t stop,” she agrees to meet him that night when she gets back to Sutton Grove. Beth goes after Tacy to punish her for stealing their father’s attention the night before, but then confronts the real source of her pain: Addy. Instead of denying that she has chosen Colette over Beth, Addy says that nothing is ever enough for Beth, and that right now Beth needs to forget about everything else because “this is squad time.” Though she’s devastated, Beth plasters on a smile and takes her place on the mat.


Despite Beth and Addy shooting each other death stares the entire time, the squad definitively nails their routine, successfully securing their place at States. While the rest of the girls celebrate, Addy’s happiness is muted and Beth reverts to keeping herself separate from everyone. 

“The shadow is you.”

Back at home, Addy is woken up by a call from Coach late that night asking her to come to The Towers, where Will lives. When Addy arrives on the thirteenth floor, Will’s apartment door is ajar. Inside, even in the darkness, Addy can sense something is very wrong. Coach comes out of the shadows and says, “Addy, it’s bad.” Addy takes a few steps forward until she sees Will sprawled across the coffee table … bleeding and dead.